Do Candles Boost The Mood?

Dr. Erin Michos M.D.,M.H.S., director of Women's Cardiovascular Health at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore discusses this by saying...
Do Candles Boost The Mood?  - Blog Article


  The fact that the smell of the scented candle stimulates the part of your brain which is connected to memory and mood has been well defined.  But what is the real benefit of this? 

I'll explain, if there's lemon scented candles that benefit your mood how does that immediately help you?  As in - what is the benefit of having a better mood in the first place? 


Dr. Erin Michos M.D.,M.H.S., director of Women's Cardiovascular Health at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore discusses this by saying; "Mood can influence your health,".  Dr. Michos specializes in preventative cardio-logical practices and voices her professional thoughts on (click here).  

Based off this their very knowledgeable blog, there are basically biological components within us that perform better when we are happier.  Those "components" protect the vital organs and boost the brains production and boost our immune systems.  Seems like really good things can happen when your happier.  

 Erin Donnelly Michos, M.D., M.H.S.


Why Choose Candles?  

Candles are very good at being subtle.  Check out our blog on some of the benefits candles provide here.  With different scents still being researched regarding their effects on our minds, there have been some pretty consistent scents. 

The subtle effect is simply put the best way for candles to create a "vibe". 



Where's The Best Place To Put A Scented Candle? 

According to The Melt Company - one of the the most premier candle brands globally -  their top suggestion is the living room.   The reason being: everyone goes there.  

It sounds simple but you want to make sure the candle your choosing to uplift your moods or the moods of others does just that.  

Living Room Example: Where To Place A Candle


What Candle Scent Boost The Mood? 

Lemon has been used as a scent for years for the refreshing and healing components it possess but what about in a candle? 

 In a candle the fragrance oil burns with the hydrocarbon mixture (the wax) to create a euphoric sensation for those who are burning it.  The effect for you means that you will smell a lemon without squeezing a lemon!  We go out of our way to make sure that our Candles Cartel Community has the best fragrances on the market put into our candles.   We want to ensure that your experience is a positive and memorable one. 



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