Japanese Cherry Blossom Candle Japanese Cherry Blossom Candle
Candles Cartel
Japanese Cherry Blossom Candle from $11.99
Set an exotic, calming mood with a 🌸Japanese Cherry Blossom Candle🌸. Its delectable, floral aroma will transport you to Japan, where ancient cherry blossoms bring peace and serenity. Light it and experience the beauty! 🕯 Scent: Japanese Cherry Blossom   Check Out Our Candle Safety Tips Here
Tobacco and Cardamom - Candles Cartel Tobacco and Cardamom - Candles Cartel
Candles Cartel
Tobacco and Cardamom from $7.99
The musky aroma of Tobacco mixed with the juicy, sweet spicy aroma of Cardamom!
Eucalyptus & Lavender Eucalyptus & Lavender
Candles Cartel
Eucalyptus & Lavender from $7.99
Relax and 💆‍♀️ the night away with this heavenly blend of Eucalyptus and Lavender. Perfect for the bath, this soothing scent will turn any day into a 🌙 of bliss. 🌿😌
Caribbean Teakwood - Candles Cartel
Candles Cartel
Caribbean Teakwood $14.99
Discover the unique strength and complexity of Caribbean Teakwood! Our exotic wood is renowned for its durability and beauty, perfect for adding a luxurious touch to any environment. Enjoy the natural warmth and elegance of Teakwood today! 🌴😍👌
Christmas Tree Candle - Candles Cartel Christmas Tree Candle - Candles Cartel
Candles Cartel
Christmas Tree Candle $3.99
Bring the festive spirit of the holidays to your home with our Christmas Tree Candle. Crafted with the shape of a classic Christmas Tree, it is perfect for spreading holiday cheer. 🎄🕯️
Holiday Romance Candle 10 oz Coconut Wax With Custom Acrylic Gold Swirl on Concrete Vessel And Crackling Wooden Wick Holiday Romance 8 oz Coconut Wax With Clear Glass Jar And Crackling Wooden Wick
Candles Cartel
Holiday Romance Candle from $7.99
Add some 💗 to the holidays with our Holiday Romance Candle! Infused with a captivating aroma of roses and sandalwood, the candle's warm, comforting glow is sure to ignite a cozy atmosphere and add a special spark to any gathering. Scent: Vanilla sugar cookies, roasted marshmallow and caramel Check Out Our Candle Safety Tips Here
Somebody’s Son Candle Somebody’s Son (The Remix) Candle - Candles Cartel
Candles Cartel
Somebody’s Son Candle from $11.99
Somebody’s Son 'The Remix'  is a mix of eucalyptus and lavender with a velvet mix of rose absolute, musk, white wood and blond leather - Inspired by One Million Cologne.  Scent: Eucalyptus, Lavender and fragrance inspired by Paco Rabanne's One Million Cologne.  Check Out Our Candle Safety Tips Here
Golden Candle
Candles Cartel
Golden Candle $14.99
This 🔥 is pure gold! The Golden Candle fills your space with a delightful 🍑 and 🍦 scent; enjoy the amber and vanilla aroma as you cozy up with your favorite book. Light up your life! 🕯️

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