Brighter Days Candle - Candles Cartel Brighter Days Candle - Candles Cartel
Candles Cartel
Brighter Days Candle from $11.99
Brighten up any room with the Brighter Days Candle! This luxurious candle is made from 🍋 blossoms to create a unique and pleasant scent. The natural fragrance of the candle will fill your home with an inviting and calming ambiance. 🔥🕯️ Scent: Lemon Blossom + Orange Check Out Our Candle Safety Tips Here
Lavender Candle - Candles Cartel Lavender Candle - Candles Cartel
Candles Cartel
Lavender Candle from $7.99
Light this Lavender 🕯️ to bring a soothing, calming scent to your space. 🤗 Enjoy up to 70 hours of burn time, perfect for meditation or relaxation. 🧘‍♀️ Relax and enjoy the ❤️ healing aroma of the Lavender 🕯️. Scent: Fresh Lavender Check Out Our Candle Safety Tips Here  
Peppermint Candle - Candles Cartel Peppermint Candle - Candles Cartel
Candles Cartel
Peppermint Candle from $7.99
Light up your space with the captivating fragrance of our luxurious Peppermint Candle. Emitting a refreshingly crisp, sweet smell with a hint of menthol, this candle brings a sense of serenity and peace to any room. Striking a perfect balance between invigorating and soothing, this candle is sure to become a calming companion in your home. 🕯️ Scent: Peppermint  Check Out Our Candle Safety Tips Here  
Sweater Weather Candle Sweater Weather Candle
Candles Cartel
Sweater Weather Candle from $11.99
The scent of your favorite sweater, fresh and warm right out of the laundry on a cold day! The Sweater Weather candle is a scented candle that you can burn at home.  Scent: Bounce/Downy inspired scent. Like fresh clean clothes on laundry day. Check Out Our Candle Safety Tips Here  
Eucalyptus and Lavender Candle Eucalyptus & Lavender
Candles Cartel
Eucalyptus & Lavender from $7.99
Relax and 💆‍♀️ the night away with this heavenly blend of Eucalyptus and Lavender. Perfect for the bath, this soothing scent will turn any day into a 🌙 of bliss. 🌿😌
honey candle Honey Scented Candle - Candles Cartel
Candles Cartel
Honey Scented Candle from $15.49
Light up your space with this 🍯scented candle! Perfectly fragranced to create a cozy atmosphere, it's sure to bring warmth and comfort to any room.  Comes with Cotton Wick!
$14.50 sale
basil and lime candle Basil and Lime Candle For Fresher Thinking
Candles Cartel
Basil and Lime Candle For Fresher Thinking $15.49 $29.99
Experience a calming and refreshing ambiance with our Basil and Lime Candle! Enjoy soothing aromas of sweet basil and zesty lime in your home with this 💚 wax candle 🕯️ that will bring a touch of sophistication to your décor.
Sold out
Citronella Candle three candle combo
Candles Cartel
Citronella Candle from $15.49
This Citronella Candle is your ticket to fewer mosquitoes and a more enjoyable outdoor experience. Light up this candle to create a barrier of scented protection that will keep pesky bugs at bay. Say goodbye to buzzing and itching and hello to relaxation and fun. Bye bye mosquitoes!
sandalwood candle
Candles Cartel
Sandalwood Candle $20.99
This special scent features a combination of sandalwood and amber, creating a subtle yet sophisticated aroma. Enjoy the sophisticated and calming atmosphere this scent provides.
Lemon Grass Candle
Candles Cartel
Lemon Grass Candle $20.99
Light up your space with the delightful, Lemon Grass & Vanilla candle! The citrusy scent of lemon grass along with the sweet, rich notes of vanilla provides an indulgent and calming experience. Enjoy the uplifting aroma of this unique blend that is sure to bring joy to any room.
eucalyptus candle Fresh Eucalyptus
Candles Cartel
Fresh Eucalyptus from $15.49
Light up your life with this 🔥Eucalyptus Candle🕯! Enjoy the aromatic aroma of eucalyptus and the beautiful glow of the flame - creating a soothing atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation. What could be better? 🤔 Light up your home today!

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