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Teddy Bear Candles from $154.99
Elevate your celebrations with our 🐻 Bear Shaped Candles! Light up your special occasions with these unique and fun candles that will create a truly memorable atmosphere. Add a memorable and exciting twist to your celebrations with these fun candles and make any event unforgettable! 🤩
Candles Cartel
Candle Making Class Tickets $0.00
Questions? WhatsApp Us Live In Class Light up your creativity with our Candle Making Class Tickets! Learn how to make your own unique candles while enjoying a fun and quirky atmosphere. Unleash your inner artist and craft one-of-a-kind candles that will brighten up your space. While your candles set, get ready for an artsy experience!  When Tickets are $0 and act as a place holder for when the actual event is to be scheduled. Once an event space is booked we will reach out for you to pay and attend the actual class.   Event Ticket Price Details Ticket fees to includes all necessary materials and tools required for the workshop.  Guidance from our experienced chandeliers about the history and techniques to create the perfect custom candle 15 custom fragrances Wax and fragrance infusion 8 oz custom concrete vessel and personalized label, scent strips, candle packaging and box A lesson on proper candle care, to best enjoy your candle Concrete Coaster Tray  Elevate your home decor by adding an eclectic and earthy touch to your space!    Virtual Tickets - Watch Live   Ready to get lit? Join our virtual candle making class and watch us live on YouTube as we teach you how to make your own unique candles. Get your tickets now for an illuminating experience! 
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Candles Cartel
Candle Making Class $724.99 $1,999.00
Welcome to our Personalized Candle Making Class, where creativity meets celebration! Join our intimate gatherings at premium venues like Ce Soir Brasserie to craft custom candles that embody your unique style and sentiments. With expert guidance, select from high-quality molds, fragrances, and vibrant wax colors to create heartfelt, one-of-a-kind candles. Why choose us? Unforgettable Experiences: Celebrate milestones with over 15 of your closest friends and family in an elegant, joy-filled atmosphere. Crafting Connections: Share stories and laughter as you personalize each candle, making them meaningful tokens of love for birthdays, anniversaries, or special occasions. Emotional Gifting: Present these personalized candles as cherished gifts, capturing the essence of the moment and the depth of your relationships. Join us for an unforgettable journey of creativity and heartfelt connections. Book now and make your celebrations truly memorable with personalized candles that speak volumes.   Please Include Notes On When You Would Like To Book For And Where It Would Be Held And We Will Take It From There 🕯️

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