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 Sarah created this brand off the tragic loss of her loved one Caleb Tubila Njoko during May of 2020.  She launched the brand the following month on Juneteenth.  Armed with the wisdom of past business experiences from being a recognized "Female Boss" in the Toronto Area & online communty - she took the candle industry by storm with her signature Body-ody-ody Collection and Aromatherapy Candles to promote mental health and wellness throughout both the Canadian and American community.

A professional candle maker with a knack for the creative side - she never shy's away from a challenge and has a habit of under promising and over delivering for her clients in any business she's been a part of.   You can catch her on InstagramPinterest or Facebook plus Tik Tok, Youtube and more Podcasts + Interviews coming soon!


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With years of experience in a vast area of sales and digital marketing - Akeem Aman is the Lead Web Designer, SEO, PPC and Business Development Specialist + general online operations for Candles Cartel.  He was the first one to join Sarah on Candles Cartel's journey back in June 2020 and has been here since.  


Team Candles Cartel is all about mental awareness and clarity.  Candle Cartel as a brand represents the mental wellness and awareness of our community and we try to show that through our candles!


"Just Light It" is our slogan here at Team Candles Cartel because we believe in aromatherapy leading to mental clarity is as easy as our slogan states: Just Light It and see if you don't feel better about your yesterdays, today's and tomorrows.  

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At We are all about giving back and support the local charities:

Black Mental Health Canada

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Sunnybrook Foundation

Sickle Cell, Therapy, Charity, Sunnybrook Hospital, Help Charities and Donate, Donation to Sicklecell


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