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For all those not in the know, natural waxes have a tendency to create what's called a "clean burn".   Basically a clean burn is a candle lit that burns and doesn't create a lot of black (kinda toxic) smoke.  
Free Guide To Smokeless Candles  - Blog Article


Okay so what IS a smokeless candle?  The term; "smoke-less" gives it a charm where you would expect no smoke.  Believe it or not but that's actually what happens! 

The questions becomes how?  And was it a fluke or is this something that can be repeated?  How is that possible? 

Wax basically is the fuel for the candle flame to put it simply.  If you want more information on wax check out this article here.  The main component to wax is the extraction process.  This is where things can get messy and expensive...and sometimes political in the candle industry.  


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For Coconut Wax its expensive compared to other waxes but that's because its worth it.  In the blog here we get into some of the benefits regarding that.  Specifically for it being smokeless - think about this; its a natural product.   

For all those not in the know, natural waxes have a tendency to create what's called a "clean burn".   Basically a clean burn is a candle lit that burns and doesn't create a lot of black (kinda toxic) smoke.  


Coconut Wax


Coconut Wax is the premium product for that right now just based off where we are in our understanding within the candle industry.  It contains within it - the ability to create a slow / clean burning effect along with a fresh scent to fill the air and replace the impure odors.  This makes you feel a lot mentally fresher and active but calm at the same time as a residual effect of the burning candle.


Take the reputable candle company Keap BK from Kingston, NY who can school basically anyone in the industry on candle wax vs sustainability.   They use Coconut Wax as well as other sustainable products to heal the mind of their client and planet at the same time. 




Their influence on the industry, along with others helps bring confidence to make the right steps when helping our own community out.   Sustainability and helping others is a large part of the reason we continue to talk about Coconut Wax and some of the lovely scents we have to heal the mind in combination.  Such as the Brighter Days candle we have which has been master crafted to do such a thing a long with others. 

 To keep this concise, all candles should have the ability to be clean burns but we are so use to non-clean burns, seeing the real thing looks weird to some of us our laughably "un-natural" or "different".  


Take A Second And Think


Take a second to think about the impact you can have by supporting your local candle shop and what greater impact that can have on our planet - we all share the same space.  Let's work together to make this an even better place than when we came. 

Have questions about smokeless candles that weren't answered here?  Reach out and email me at :) 


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