Free Guide To Smokeless Candles

For all those not in the know, natural waxes have a tendency to create what's called a "clean burn".   Basically a clean burn is a candle lit that burns and doesn't create a lot of black (kinda toxic) smoke.  
Free Guide To Smokeless Candles  - Blog Article


Ever wondered what sets smokeless candles apart? The term "smokeless" itself conjures images of clean, serene ambiance, devoid of any unwanted smoke. And indeed, that's precisely what smokeless candles offer!

But how do they achieve this feat? Is it merely a fluke or a replicable phenomenon? Let's delve into the science behind it. 

Smokeless Candles


At the heart of every candle is wax, the fuel that sustains the flame. Understanding the intricacies of wax, its extraction process, and its significance in the candle industry sheds light on the quest for smokeless candles.

Enter smokeless candles, championed by premium materials like Coconut Wax. Despite its higher cost, Coconut Wax earns its keep by delivering an exceptional experience. Notably, its natural composition contributes to what's known as a "clean burn," where minimal to no black smoke is produced.



Coconut Wax


Coconut Wax stands at the forefront of the "smokeless candles" revolution, offering a slow, clean burn accompanied by delightful fragrances that refresh and rejuvenate the atmosphere. Brands like Keap BK from Kingston, NY, champion the use of Coconut Wax, intertwining sustainability with sensory satisfaction.

The biodegradable nature of Coconut Wax aligns with the ethos of companies like Keap BK, fostering confidence in consumers to make eco-conscious choices. Together, they pave the way for a cleaner, greener future, one candle at a time.




Consider the impact of supporting local candle artisans—each purchase not only enhances your space but also contributes to a collective effort to preserve our shared environment. Let's join hands to leave this world better than we found it, guided by the glow of smokeless candles. 

Such as the Brighter Days candle we have which has been master crafted to do such a thing a long with others. 

 To keep this concise, all candles should have the ability to be clean burns but we are so use to non-clean burns, seeing the real thing looks weird to some of us our laughably "un-natural" or "different".  


Take A Second And Think









Take a second to think about the impact you can have by supporting your local candle shop and what greater impact that can have on our planet - we all share the same space.  Let's work together to make this an even better place than when we came. 

Have questions about smokeless candles that weren't answered here?  Reach out and email me at :) 


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 Updated: April 23rd/ 2024

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