Afterpay and Candles Cartel: New Way To Get Candles

Afterpay has been a blessing for so many people and with things the way they are right now we decided to come out with Afterpay for our candles as well. 

Afterpay and Candles Cartel: New Way To Get Candles

5 Second Recap

 It's going to be 10 years this October that "Afterpay" has been around for folks looking to get online items in a much more secure fashion.  The question becomes why has it grown in such a way?  

The Afterpay Breakdown

According to Afterpay themselves:

"Millennials have the discipline to set aside a little money each month or at every payday. This astute money management is the exact behavior that Afterpay promotes, which is why it's so attractive to Millennials. Look at this way: the shopper doesn't have to pay the entire cost up-front—just 25% of the product cost.  "

The whole idea is that most people are going to want to get something without paying a whole bunch for that item. 

Let's take this candle as an example: 

Fresh Eucalyptus

Why pay more than 25% upfront for it if you do not have to?  With alternative payment methods like "Splitit", "Afterpay" and others, it gives you a chance to actually get those items without incurring automatic spending penalties from money you can actually use for yourself in other ways. 

Why We Decided To Do This

With food, gas and other liviing expenses becoming more expensive we decided to try and help those who use "deposits online" as a way to pay for their orders.   Please do not take my word for it, here is another quote from Afterpay: 

"Today, Afterpay enables consumers to buy now and pay later - without incurring debt or compounding interest. Afterpay is completely free for customers who pay on time, allowing them to access the things they want and need while still maintaining financial wellness and control."

Our History With "Buy Now Pay Later" 

We use to run a business called "RJCTD Boutique" which was to help people with alopecia get hair while they were at home.  We have been trying to help people out with our products for a while.  Anyways RJCTD Boutique was an online hair supply store which shipped your hair directly to you for men and women and everyone.   During our time running it back in 2017, we used Split It as a way to get folks to still make their purchase without using their funds all at once. 

Even though we were successful in launching it, it was something that took a while for us to revisit and launch once again, until today...

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How To Order More Than 1 Candle For Less Than $10 Dollars

Use Afterpay, if you haven't already click here and register, its free and you get an account with points ready to spend on stores that accept it, like us here at Candles Cartel. 

You can then choose how much of a deposit of your own money you want to make, however I do believe the minimum is 25% but that could be updated to something else by the time you read this.

After that you can choose your method of pay back and with it, so long as you are on time, there are "loyalty rewards" Afterpay offers on their own.   Don't worry about the stores that accept Afterpay they will get their payment if your late in real life from that banked credit you get when you open your account.  Read more here on how that all works. 

We are super excited to have Afterpay launched today, what's next for us?  As always we will let you know one update at a time. 

Have questions about "Afterpay and Candles Cartel" that weren't answered here? Have a suggestion for our next video? Reach out and email me at :) 

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