Honey Scented Candle Benefits

  From coughing to gastrointestinal disease and more, the immunity benefits of the sourced scent has been used for such a long time, it may have forgottten about by history itself.   
Honey Scented Candle Benefits

Honey Scented Mental Benefits

  There's not a lot written regarding the mental health benefits of honey in the popular media.  Honeycomb cereal comes to mind almost immediately, but after that there is a drastic drop-off of "name to face" regarding what honey products we normally use and are advertised to us.  Let's take your local farmers market.  How many times a year would you say you shop there personally?  Now let's compare that with how much we hear about TikTok Challenges.  Do you see my point?  We are barely exposed to honey or honey-infused products doing anything for our minds, but what if I was to tell you that not only is it effective but an old practice? 
The think-tank at Mayo Clinic, a previously mentioned source of valuable information, posted this blog piece talking about Neurological Diseases and anti-anxiety treatment done with honey.  They are finding honey can help restore affected people with memory loss as well as be an anti-depressant and anticonvulsant.   

Nature's Immune Booster

 From coughing to gastrointestinal disease and more, the immunity benefits of the sourced scent has been used for such a long time, it may have forgottten about by history itself.  The years differ but most agree about 8000 years at least.  Here is an article NCBI discussing just how long we have been taking this sweet, sweet nectar for granted. 
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Honey Candles Generally Understood

 Most of us understand beeswax candles as the go-to honey candles of our day.  The history of how long beeswax candles have been around was insane and as a mental-health-first small business, we wrote an article about it here: 
The whole thing with back-in-the-day candles was about the wax formula.  Some felt beeswax was the way, others thought it was animal fat (yuck!).  Either way, it was "wax on and wax off" for as long as we could remember when it came to honey. 
 It's good to know these things about the scent, but remember most of these candles are made from beeswax. If your looking for a coconut wax candle with honey as the scent, then look no further!  Click here.
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