YouTube and Candles Cartel: New Video Vlog

Within our videos we also have exclusive urls you can't find in the store regularly if you were to browse
YouTube and Candles Cartel: New Video Vlog

YouTube and Candles?

 During 2022, we pitched a couple of ideas as a team to come up with a way to better engage our audience than just merely leading people with static ads online.  We wanted to show you what we do here at Candles Cartel.  Specifically, how we make our candles; enter YouTube. 
 Since then till now, we've created over 70+ videos in a short period of time and have garnered hundreds of subscribers currently. 
 Example of one of our YouTube Shorts:

Our "How To Make" videos 

 We've been creating how to make videos for our channel to not just show transparency but to genuinely help folks actually looking for those answers. 
 We are planning on a few videos coming up and always release our work on the channel, so check it out!  Please be sure to comment on the videos as well and share your thoughts on what you'd like to see or what you liked about the videos. 
YouTube Video
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Exclusive URLs

  Within our videos we also have exclusive urls you can't find in the store regularly if you were to browse.  The link that we have hidden now, leads to a page with a free eBook discussing our Wax and Fragrances Reference Guide for Candles.
 Because of its traction, we will be coming out with more urls like that as well embedded in the description part of our video.  Just another solid reason you may want to subscribe to the YouTube Channel. 

Recorded Events

 This spring and coming summer we will be going to events all over Ontario and for those who aren't there, they will be able to take it all in from the videos we post on there.  We will also be rolling out new products and offers on the channel as well. 
 The last extra nugget I wanted to share has to do with upcoming recorded classes.  We may or may not be coming out with this project soon for those that have been waiting for it.   Please stay tuned.
Feel free to subscribe to our YouTube for more updates on new videos we release!
Have questions about "Candles Cartel Videos"  that weren't answered here?  Have a suggestion for our next video?  Reach out and email me at :) or chat with us.
Check out Our New YouTube Channel Here!! We release shorts right now and will be coming out with a podcast soon. It's definitely a vibe.
 Just Light it! - Candles Cartel supports all Canadians and Americans striving for Mental Health, Mental Clarity and Stress Relief through our candles and communication.
🙏🏿 TY for reading 
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