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The "candles for gifts" idea as an outcome is still best defined at an event or family gathering... we are seeing more people use candles for gifts...
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How long have candles for gifts been an idea?

 Based off what I can find online regarding candles for gifts or candles themselves, candles have been used for multiple purposes since the late pre-dynastic era stretching back more than 5500 years of human history.   They were so valueable that back in the day, city workers would have to sign forms in Egypt formerly known as The Land of Khem  just to receive a candle to do their work.  
They were a source of light, with evidence of this stretching back to time Bronze Age (approx. 5000 years ago), and nowadays, candles possess so many more scents, shapes and designs to choose from since their launch as an innovative idea.  Candles for gifts commercially came about much more recently on our timeline after the invention of electricity lit up London back in 1878.   However, the best "candles for gifts" idea as an outcome is still best defined at an event or family gathering.

What type of events use candles? 

 Bridging history with our ordinary era, it's church events and weddings where candles may come to mind mainly for us.  That being said, we are seeing more people use candles for gifts at parties now too.  An example of this would be our Lavender candle, which seems to be more of a popular scent for parties in the Greater Toronto Area currently. 
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Do you package the candles? 

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 We take pride in preparing your order and offering gift-wrapped services for $1.  See the image above an example of your next order.

What are my options for delivery?

 We have UPS, Purolator, Canada Post and others as options as far as shipping is concerned.  Want to pick up your candles for gifts to give to loved ones?  You also have that option.  We list our pick times on our Google Business Profile.   The pick up times generally are from 11 am - 8 pm from Monday to Saturday.  It's 12 - 5 pm on Sundays. 
You can check it out from the link below.
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