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...Mississauga and the surrounding area, including the famed Toronto getting in the mix.... live on YouTube as well as in person. If you would be 
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The Mississauga Move

  Back in 2021, we moved to Mississauga from Hamilton, Ontario, 13 months and 13 days from the day we created our shop.  Exactly 13 -13.  Feeling pretty lucky at the time, we decided to get started by introducing our growing candle shop: Candles Cartel, digitally to the city of Mississauga.  
233 Victoria Avenue North Hamilton ON - Birthplace of Candles Cartel
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 Little did we know how big the GTA had become since growing up here over 11 years ago.  You see, Sarah and I were both born in Toronto but moved at different times in our lives, respectively, to Hamitlon ON, where we met and started Candles Cartel, originally named Calèvre.  We named it Calèvre as a play on words to honor Caleb Tubila Njoko, who we lost during May of 2020.
  Rest in peace and all love and respect to his family for what they were made to go through due to the tragedy.   We created this business with a clear message for our products:  Aromatherapy to help rid mental stress.  

Growing Candles Cartel 

  What started off as lip scrubs, lip moisturizers and candles turned into just candles after our summer of 2020.  Fast-forward to 2023 nowadays and there's now a demand for not just candles for all variables but supplies to boot!  We couldn't have come this far without the input and questions from you reading this.  There has been a tremendous uplift in the pace of our story as a business thanks to Mississauga and the surrounding area, including the famed Toronto getting in the mix.  
Candle Vessels

"Mississauga" Candlemakers 

 With the demand in hand, we decided to now look at suppliers and other tools to really give you what you have been looking for, like local diy candle makers as well as candle lovers alike.  We have found that wax, wicks, jars, candle holders, coasters and scents are all in demand at this moment, as well as the simplicity of tapered, floating, pillared or votive candles.  
As we continue here, our collection of candle supplies will be growing very soon with everything we have taken note of in mind.   I cannot give you an estimated time without using the word "soon" to describe it, but it's in the works for sure. 
Part of the plan is teaching folks about candlemaking itself live on YouTube as well as in person.  If you would be interested in this - email us at sarah@candlescartel.com.
mississauga and candlemaking
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Have questions about "Mississauga and Candlemaking"  that weren't answered here?  Have a suggestion for our next video?  Reach out and email me at akeem@candlescartel.com :) 
Read more about our updates from Hamilton to Mississauga here: 
Check out Our New YouTube Channel Here!! We release shorts right now and will be coming out with a podcast soon. It's definitely a vibe.
 Just Light it! - Candles Cartel supports all Canadians and Americans striving for Mental Health, Mental Clarity and Stress Relief through our candles and communication.
🙏🏿 TY for reading 
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