Dundas Event: Candles Cartel Update

Dundas event was one of the best events we've gone to in the last six months. We were able to hold a short Cartel Convo...
Dundas Event: Candles Cartel Update

The Dundas Event Outlook

 Not every day do you get to go to an event for your small business.  We are a home-based business with an online audience making an impact with our candles and soon coming candlemaking classes around the Greater Toronto Area.  Check out our blog sneak peak discussing that here.  We were elated to be selected as a vendor for this month's Dundas event.
This Dundas event was one of the best events we've gone to in the last six months.   We were able to hold a short Cartel Convo with The SolSisters, meet and greet local candle lovers, plus get to know some of the wonderful people who were also at the event with us. 

  A Deeper Dive: Plushed.up

We got a chance to meet Plushed.Up at the event.   They sell stuffed animals they create themselves and were really great to speak with.  Looking out for a future collaboration with them through our candle-making classes. 
Dundas Event 2023
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 A Deeper Dive:  Miss T 

 Teryl Crombie aka simply "T" was a great person to connect with. T is a RPN and Reiki Master Teacher.   She has a very good supply of Beeswax Candles, Malas, Essential Oils and Vervain.  She has a serious amount of knowledge regarding the application and use of holistic products.   Check out her natural store here.

 Dundas Event - A Deeper Dive: The Solsisters 

 Got a chance to speak with Barb from the Solsisters.  Check out the YouTube video:
Check out their website here:

 A Deeper Dive: She Got Leggz 

Trish was really supportive of us here at Candles Cartel and helped us really feel welcomed as visiting vendors.  One of us may have even picked up some drip from the shop as well.  You can check out their Facebook page here
 We wanted folks at home to know how great it was to naturally connect with some of these very unique and wonderful brands out there.  We have much more in store for everyone to be able to see how diverse the vendors are in some of these "small business vendor markets" and how their intentions really match their creations in a very distinctive way. 
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