London: Defeat Depression Event 2023

  The reason we were so moved to be a part of the Defeat Depression Event revolves around the tragic end to a wonderful life in Caleb's story.  Our business was created on June 19th 2020...
London: Defeat Depression Event 2023

London's Pleasant Saturday Vibe

 As we got into London coming off of the 401 we got a chance to enter into the city and just take in the unique red brick buildings nestled around the growing metropolis in the core of London.  The cathedral downtown was beautiful to see during the daytime and echoed sentiments of "old meets the new" which was equally patterned all across the city's landscape.  The people were friendly when we got in and remained that way throughout the day with the event taking place in the afternoon.  We got the pleasure of getting a chance to meet some of them and here 

A Mother's Protection

 Jennifer and her daughter's Morning Cereal Candle were one of our first orders of the day!  She was amazing to speak with and had to act quickly to protect Christmas in London...another blog for another day!  Jennifer's energy was exactly what we needed to start the day off and definitely was a Defeat Depression Allstar.
Defeat Depression Volunteers
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London's Defeat Depression Allstars:

 I wanted to take the time out to thank some of the other people that we were able to meet at this event that really stood out because of their interaction with us. 

Sharla Robertson

 As a proud member of MDSC as a content creator and a marketer, Sharla Robertson represented what Defeat Depression was all about.  She was very active and was very informative about the direction of the movement.  Look out for a possible podcast with her and us in the future to dive deeper into who Defeat Depression is and how they help in present day after coming out of such mentally combative years as a society not too long ago.  Check her out on LinkedIn here


 Shane was one of the first people to introduce us to the event and explain the walking distance attendees were taking upon themselves in a physical pledge to bring more awareness to depression, stress and anxiety help.  It was great to see how knowledgeable Defeat Depression's staff were in regards to event details and providing a safe place to participate. 

Made With Love Eatery

 We got a chance to get some banana bread, peanut butter cookies, pecan tarts, carrot cake and chocolate brownies from Made With Love Eatery, who was also a vendor at the Defeat Depression event.  You can check out their website here for a look at some fantastic options. 
London Event
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London's 13th Ward City Councillor David Ferreira

 It was a pleasure to meet David at the event where he got a chance to talk about the real growth of the city and even had a wonderful comment on our Morning Cereal Candle.   We also got the pleasure to meet Paula and international artist Ken the Zen during the London event!  You can check out his instagram here.  Ken The Zen was all about positivity and brought that through his performance that Saturday. 
Morning Cereal Candle
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Mental Awareness & Candles

 Our Brighter Days Candle contains citrus and lemon blossoms within its fragrance.  We have a blog dedicated to just talking about this subject here.  The tie between the candle and mental awareness rotates around the fact that most are not aware of what tranquility you can get from the fragrance itself.  Click here to learn more
Brighter Days Candle


 The reason we were so moved to be a part of the Defeat Depression Event revolves around the tragic end to a wonderful life in Caleb's story.  Our business was created on June 19th 2020 a month and a half after what could be described only as a dark moment at that time.  We strive to make sure those who order our candles get the best experience they can to hopefully ensure mental rest and relaxation for a more positive tomorrow. 

Upcoming Events

With us approaching the dog days of summer, we do not have a ton of events plans as its famously known wax and summer heat dont sit well with each other.  However, we did just bring back our Cartel Rewards System and you can check it out under the "Rewards" tab at the bottom left side of the screen.  Look out for any upcoming livestreams as well as podcast-styled interviews. 
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