"Depression Candles" Do They Exist?

 Depression candles, or candles for depression, are a common search term sought out by many affected by depression-like symptoms and need quick answers for effective results.   Have you wondered why would anyone search for candles to help folks feel better at such a critical time? 

 Depression Candles & Scents

 The magic is all in the scent! Somehow the scents from the candle itself help us feel better while it's burning and depending the candle, after it burns as well.   
 There are a few scents we went over in one of our first blogs discussing "Candles for Depression" or depression candles, however its labelled.   Specifically, we have our Brighter Days candle, Lavender candle and Basil & Lime which we brought with us to the London: Defeat Depression event a few months back now.

Why Use Candles To Help?

 Coconut wax candles provide a calm atmosphere which is needed when trying to get out of a mental storm-cloud like depression.  If you can image candles burning in the background of your living room while you watch TV or just hanging out in a super safe spot in the bathroom, the aroma from the scent can create a space of harmony and peace  where there was not before.  This in turn has more of a residual effect on one's consciousness as the candle burns. 

Science Behind The Scents That Help Depression

 We always encourage that you do your own objective research into anything we discuss and never take our word for it including this discussion on depression candles.  Reason behind this revolves around how we all learn at different paces.  To help with the explanation, here is NCBI  (National Center for Biotechnology Information) click here.   
Also here is a summary to help you out: 
Depression Candles
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As you can see from the chart here from NCBI, there is a noticeable drop in different levels attributed to inhalation of lavender over time.  What this doesn't mean is that these candles will definitely help your exact issue however it does show proof that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, a way to improve based off our habits.  It may not even be necessary to make drastic changes outside of how we style our surroundings involving candles.
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