Concrete Candle Coasters Value

Concrete Candle Coasters Value

Concrete Candle Coasters

 What are concrete candle coasters?  A candle coaster is simply an item you place underneath a candle to separate the warm candle vessel from another surface.  It could be that you're using a table, or a desk, for example.  You want to have a coaster to separate the candle vessel from the surface.   The reason being is because the candles themselves are warm. 
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Concrete Candle Coasters
 Concrete candle coasters can come in different materials.  One of the ways they can be created is through the use of cement
According to Dynamic Concrete Pumping's site; "In general, dry concrete with a typical composition will be an insulator and not a conductor."  An insulator in this context relates to electricity. 
In the case of warm wax, it is also insulated within the hold of a concrete candle vessel.  
By not only placing our candles in concrete vessels but coupling them with concrete coasters, we are trying to ensure more safety as well as a lovely look for your home at the same time.  
 That being said, we do have a flare for the artistic and that comes with the concrete candle coasters we create.  They are uniquely designed with the colors picked for the candle coasters coming as more of a momentary inspiration for an idea rather than a pre-programmed scripted image.   The idea behind this comes from us sharing the work on YouTube.  We have a playlist dedicated to showing folks at home how to make their own candle supplies and candles called: "How To Make Candles From Home"
Check out our YouTube Shorts to see more Concrete Candle Coasters
 We also have a Mother's Day Edition exclusively for our coasters.  There are a few kinds that we offer.  
concrete candle coasters
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They all come in unique designs, but you can request if you would like a certain color by messaging us on our website, or direct messaging us on Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, commenting on a YouTube video or emailing/calling us. 
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