3 Benefits of Concrete Candle Jars

3 Benefits of Concrete Candle Jars


 Little thought is given to the actual candle vessel or jar you may be using.  If you check out our Brighter Days Candle (as an example) you will see you have few options for vessels.  One of the three options is concrete. 

 Now why would that be?  Why would you want a concrete jar oppose to a traditional glass one?  

 These would be good questions but lets take it from the top.  First: Candles are hot! Well the flame is anyways.  Check our blog on Candle Safety if you would like to learn more.  

Now back to the question!  Outside of the obvious fire safety what are three good reasons why you should consider Concrete Candle Vessels for your next candle order? 

 Concrete Candle Vessel

1.  Longevity

 Concrete is a sturdy material.  A concrete candle vessel isn't heavy but is very durable throughout its life-cycle (think 100s of years) and gives you more bang for your buck than traditional glass does.

 Concrete Candle Vessel

2.  Decorative

 The vessels themselves are styled with such a beautiful pigment you have to see it!  You know what?  I won't describe the color red to you but instead provide a link for you.  Check out our video on "How To Make Concrete Candle Jars" here

 The candle vessels are beautiful and can make a simple decorative piece within your home as well.  

 Concrete Candle Vessel

3.  Candle Refills

 That's right!  We are working on creating the perfect refill product for you as we speak.  Basically how it will work is you will be able to save& subscribe plus get wax refills for your concrete candle vessels!  Make sure to collect your rewards as well.  You can check out our blog on our Cartel Rewards System here

The idea is we want to take the stress away for all candle wax lovers out there. At the same time educate those who may not know about the importance of candle safety along with the creative beauty of DIY small businesses like ours.  Mixing a little medicine with the food like the late great Albert Johnson once said.  

 How to Seal Concrete Candle Jars


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