Pecan Pie Scented Candle Benefits

Pecan Pie Scented Candle Benefits

The Pecan Pie Scented Candle Benefits

 Pecan Pie is a memorable scent filled with reminders of Fall.  The benefits behind the scent a pecan pie scented candle carries may not be well known to everyone who orders one.  There are a few ways to make a candle.  The method we choose involves Coconut Wax.  Feel free to check out the benefits of this wax here: 

What is Coconut Wax used for?

  Out of the benefits listed, coconut wax use provides its own satisfaction.  What do I mean by this?  Coconut wax itself provides little to no "soot" or harmful carcinogens that can be harmful to us. 
With that being said, there is another factor to consider here when discussing scent.   What if I was to tell you that a pecan pie scented candle can positively affect your brainwaves? 
Pecan Pie Candle

Pecan Pie Scented Candles and Brainwaves

NCBI Graph Figure 2 Link To Website
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This is the Figure 2 graph display from NCBI's website.   What it's showing you is how the actual burning of a candle's scent can affect you psychologically.  Simply, it's done by just lighting the candle and being around it.  After which your mood or "state of mind" may be positively affected by that action passively or without you having to do much.  It's the basis of thinking behind aromatherapy, but prior to this it was not backed by a research institution like NCBI.  
pecan pie scented candle
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 So what do you think about when you say the words Pecan Pie?  Does it make you hungry right away?  Remember this is your way of getting into that right state of mind, not anyone else's.  If it is a pecan pie scented candle or another scent we provide, we are here to help in that way.
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