Workplace Anxiety Part 2

Its a Road to Perdition we go through while being in employment but not without its previously mentioned benefits.  The "seeing the plan through" part of it stems from your own production and...
Workplace Anxiety Part 2



 The depths of what we have to go through as "employees" throughout the day is enough for folks to fully understand why some choose not to work.  This venture of time deprivation usually rides down on the coat tails of opportunities, seemingly fair policies and constructive work behavior on day one.  As my great grandmother told me prior to her passing, "everyone comes dressed in their Sunday best".  

 Digital Online Meeting


 Those profound words hold weight in present day when dealing with anxiety at work.  As we continue to progress down this dreary rabbit hole you pass a point of no return.  Termed "Three Month Probationary Benefits" in most cases, these are the sweet things that you get (i.e. sick days, vacation days and even end-of-year bonuses).  While enduring these months on the job, especially in office environments, you get an answer for the question you asked in the interview; "What is an average day like?".  We never really know until its too late. 

 Tough Day


  Do you really want to have a few months on a resume to prove your worth to Future Company A or B?  Or are you willing to stick it out for the next few months or years to see things get better.  Its a Road to Perdition we go through while being in employment but not without its previously mentioned benefits.  The "seeing the plan through" part of it stems from your own production and cohesiveness within the privatized neo-socialism concepts of company behavioral policies, motto's, philosophies.   What's the solution? 

 Long Day at Work


 How do you cope within these compounding issues and still perform?  Well the best way to do it is to face the actual reality your coping with.  When do you get a second or a break? If you are allotted that time what do you like to do to relax?  If it's indoors have you ever thought about easing your nerves with using your sense of smell?

 Workplace Anxiety has a wonderful blog discussing "The Healing Connection Between Scent & Emotional Well-Being" if you'd like to take a look.  The point here is that there is a "life-hack" presented to your actual issue should you choose to accept it.  The key may lie within your nose.   There is a chance you can better your immediate situation by enhancing your enviroment through the use of scents.  Of the many options one of those mediums are candles.  Check out some of what we have to offer here and keep in mind your mental health comes first.

 Lavender Candle

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