Free Shipping Candles Cartel Update

 Free shipping has become a consistent pattern in a lot of stores' lifecycles, which may not have been the case prior to that definitive
Free Shipping Candles Cartel Update

Free Shipping in 2023

 Three years after the coronavirus pandemic on March 11th 2020, the impact on this new e-commerce and retail store playground has never been the same.  Free shipping has become a consistent pattern in a lot of stores' lifecycles, which may not have been the case prior to that definitive time in our history.  What are the differences between the pros and cons of small or start-up businesses like our own at this point?  Furthermore, how does this impact you? 
 We're going desert first with this "cons" listing to kind of show you what small businesses are scared of regarding free shipping with absolutely no limits like ourselves.  
  1. Small Value Carts: 
For whatever reason, the chances of someone leaving a review, referring our shop or even becoming a customer after building trust with their small purchase is thrown out of the proverbial window when discussing how free shipping can benefit a business. 
2. Cost of Shipping:
 Thank you to alternative shipping stations in Canada that offer extremely competitive rates in comparison to what most candle shops are used to when it comes to shipping their products.  We're offering absolutely free shipping on all products, as opposed to our draconian $14.99 minimum-cart-value, because of how the market has changed for the better for our business as well as many others in this day and age. 
Concrete Candle Coasters
More For You: 
  1. Easier Experience 
  2.  Will Be Combined With Discounts
  3. Higher Chance Of Earning Your Review 
  4. Higher Chance of Earning Your Referral 
  5. Better Way To Spread The Word Of Our Candles
  6. Earning Your Business Trust
Free Shipping
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Why didn't we start with Free Shipping?

 Two words:  Business Politics.  At the time, it was sexy to charge a fee if the cart was below the minimum value.  We have been open since Juneteenth of 2020 but have been operating shops online since 2018.   When we first started, our very first shop was RJCTD Boutique, a synthetic online hair store where minimum cart values were all the rage.  As we have matured both as people as well as business owners, charging folks in the local area (including the United States) doesn't make sense at this point.  As trends change, maybe we will bring the minimum back, but why not sign up for push notifications and find out?  With push notifications, you don't even have to leave an email to get notified about some of our back-in-stock items, new releases and fun discounts we like to offer. 

Trends of Absolute Free Shipping with Online Stores

  Everyone is heading this way right now as far as it costs to ship, not everyone has caught the wave.  Our focus remains to be innovative/effective for your everyday needs and, considering where we are right now economically, this may be the best for everyone who is looking for candles but needs free shipping and has a cart value of less than $14.99.  

What's The Catch? 

 None...well one, just sign up for push notifications so we can alert you about your tracking if you choose standard shipping or local delivery.   By the way, the new shipping conditions we have are for The United States of America and Canada primarily as those countries support us the most! ✊🏿
Check out our blog discussing local delivery: 
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