Image Hair Design + Candles Cartel

Image Hair Design's location at 35 King Street East has been the location of choice for a lot of people trying to get a new look for their hair
Image Hair Design + Candles Cartel

Image Hair Design and Local Small Business

 We at Candles Cartel would like to announce that our candles are at a physical location here in Mississauga at Image Hair Design. 
To say we were taken back from the conceptualized understanding of small business and the importance of exposure for startups demonstrated by Image Hair Design is an understatement.  They completely understand what it takes for small businesses and start-ups to be seen within their local community for brand exposure.  It takes a certain style of class and grace to give an online shop a chance to host their products. 
  That being said, the physical location for our candles, as well as a chance to see Image Hair Design actively creating another Head-of-Hair masterpiece (click the link), can be done at the Mississauga location.  

Mississauga Local Candle Pop Up Location

  Image Hair Design's location at 35 King Street East has been the location of choice for a lot of people trying to get a new look for their hair as soon as possible.  It's been that way because of the availability of the staff and the referrals they get.  With over 75+ reviews and tons of photos online, they really put their value on display for those searching for a new look.   We all know how important our hair is and what's better in a crunch time situation than knowing you have a place that can do the job with an owner that knows the importance of timing? 
Image Hair Design
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Who Is Steadman Broderick? 

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International business owner, cosmetologist, and positive community influencer, Steadman Broderick runs Image Hair Design and offers local barbers a chance to also showcase their talents at his shop.  He has been around since long before 2020's pandemic and has remained a keystone business location for all those looking to get a new look accompanied with a great atmosphere.      
 He was the person responsible for allowing our New Car, Caribbean Teakwood, Fresh Coffee, Lime & Coconut and other scents at his 35 King Street East location in Mississauga. 

Why Image Hair Design? 

 It's all about the relationships you build, with us not having a physical location at the moment and Image Hair Design being gracious enough for us to open up and offer our candles at that, folks now get a chance to physically sniff, touch and see our candles at the shop.  

Mississauga Candle Classes? 

  The future is bright as a lit wick Candles Cartel right now.  We posted a blog about Mississauga Candle Classes and that is in the works as we speak as well.   Stay tuned for where we will pop up next for that and you can also directly message us on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter  to find out more.
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 Just Light it! - Candles Cartel supports all Canadians and Americans striving for Mental Health, Mental Clarity and Stress Relief through our candles and communication.
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