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Your going to see us on YouTube and Instagram a lot more in 2023 and also at events. 
Candles Cartel The Update  - Blog Article


So as we are wrapping up this year our team is dedicated to making some definitely needed changes in regards to how we communicate.  

Stay tuned for the nice surprise we have for you guys coming up soon with our YouTube Podcast Roll Out.  Your going to see us on YouTube and Instagram a lot more in 2023 and also at events.  We have been invited to attend the event:

" Love At First Snowflake "in Oshawa on Sunday November 20th which we will be attending!

Podcasts Coming Soon!

We also have been guest listed on some events coming up in the New Year of 2023 that we will blog about and let our community know!  The word is spreading about aromatherapy and candles, we are just humble to be a part of it all. 

We have successfully rolled out our subscription service for candles.  You can read about it more on our first blog talking about our plans and our second blog posted a few days ago from the writing of this one. 

Stay tuned for other updates about how we are growing coming soon!

Have questions about Candles Cartel that weren't answered here?  Reach out and email me at :) 


Check out Our New YouTube Channel Here!! We release shorts right now and will be coming out with a podcast soon. It's definitely a vibe.


 Just Light it! - Candles Cartel supports all Canadians and Americans striving for Mental Health, Mental Clarity and Stress Relief through our candles and communication.

  Our Location, Mississauga Ontario, Toronto Ontario


🙏🏿 TY for reading 

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