Free Guide: How To Make Your Own Candles in Toronto

You are going to need the right ...
Free Guide: How To Make Your Candles In Toronto  - Blog Article

 Quick Notes

  This can serve as a quick reference guide to all of us out there who want to make candles.  Its serviceable to a larger area than Toronto and can be used locally at the same time!  Lets get into some simple steps!

 Clean Station


1.  Way you make your own candles starts off with having good equipment and a safe and clean work area.  

" But Can't I Just Burn Wax On Top My Stove In A  Boiling Pot Of Water? "

No Country For Cooking Pots For Candles

 Yes your are absolutely correct!   However its about quality of the work and even though you could use that it may not be the best tool for your experience. 

We suggest a Wax Warmer!

Coconut Wax


2.  You are going to need the right wax and you can read our blog on sustainable coconut candle wax here.  A certain fragrance would also be necessary.  Mixing at the right temperature is the key to creating a positive experience for those who burn it as well as creating a good scent-throw. 


Jars No Wick


3.  Wicks and Jars are also something to consider when creating your own candles.  We will soon be offering our concrete jars after we roll out our next surprise on YouTube


After reading all of this the best advice I could give you is to: 


Not use this guide at all!

If your looking for the right candle, the perfect ambiance - check out our aromatherapy collection or Best Sellers Collection - to select the correct candle for your event or every day living! 


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