Candles Cartel Rewards System - Update

 cartel rewards with us are super simple. As a straightforward example, you basically can receive 1000 points right off the bat...
Cartel Rewards System Blog

Cartel Rewards Simplified

 We started off the Cartel rewards program about seven months ago today.  The automated rewards system is designed to make your next order an easier one.
The Cartel Rewards points stack over time as you order, so you end up in a position to use those points you receive on different items on our website. 
Not to mention, our reward program can be combined with our candle subscription as well.  Here is a link to that article below:
Virtually, you could subscribe for a candle and receive a range of 8-12% off of your order plus get cartel rewards at the same time.
This leaves one obvious question - what can you get as a reward?

The Rewards 

Without further adue here is the list we currently have:
Cartel Rewards currently available
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As you can see, there are plenty of ways to spend your points you automatically receive and, so far, we have each one of the items we  sell here as a single item you can earn without paying for it.  In addition to customized discounts, which you can use whenever you want.  

How To Earn

Just like we did with "The Rewards" section - let's take a look at the list.
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The ways in which you can earn cartel rewards with us are super simple.  As a straightforward example, you basically can receive 1000 points right off the bat for signing up and following us on social media and sharing the link to our website.  

The 3 Tiers Simplified

To make things even easier, we included three tiers to go with our system.  The plan here is to give you more points over time for what your already doing.
What's Bronze Level?
The Bronze Level is automatically reached once you hit a 2000 Cartel Points balance.  It allows you to get a multiplier of 1.5 for every point earned from there on just for being at that level! 
You Also Get 1000 Cartel Points When You Reach The Bronze Level!
Making it that much easier to get those cartel rewards for more online ordering power. 
What's Silver Level?
The Silver Level is reached automatically once you reach a 6000 cartel rewards  balance.  Everything you earn after that is multiplied by 2, so you get double the points for what you're already doing!
You also get 2000 bonus cartel rewards when you reach the silver level!
What's Gold Level?
You get automatically put into the Gold Level at 20K cartel rewards balance.
Your Reward is x3 multiplied and we will always sweeten the order for all of our Gold Level community members as you have helped us in such a huge way! Thank you once again to all of you! 

The Future for Cartel Rewards

 We never settle on just a plain idea and will always be looking for feedback from our growing community as well as innovations from companies online already doing very well in their own way.  
As a few examples: 
 In this link, the author goes on to denote how bigger companies in our world use loyalty programs.   In contrast, a lot of shops do not when they are starting off, which is unfortunate.  We want to continue to push to make your life easier when you trust us to sign up here and will update you with anything new.
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