Candle Safety 101: How to properly burn candles

Candle Safety

Candle Safety Overview 

 The thing about candles more than anything is, well they get hot.  They have a tendency to burn and, if not properly looked after, can cause more trouble than they are worth.  We take your candle safety very seriously and created our new YouTube video centered just around that: 

 We will be creating more videos like this to stress the importance of making sure that if your going to burn a candle, your doing it right.  

The eBook

 A few months back we created an eBook discussing the exact "do's & dont's" when creating a candle business, no matter what size you start off at.  It's to help unfog some of the unknown for folks looking to make candles themselves from home and possibly sell them. 

 The eBook "Ultimate Guide To Starting a Candle Business" also comes with another guide on how to market that business specfically online.   The fustrating thing about creating a new business in an industry you have less than a year in, usually shows it's head during the day-to-day operations side and suppliers side of business, where inexperience on who to deal with can lead to extra time, effort and money spent going the wrong direction.  To avoid this fustration all together we created this guide to help our candle-making community.   Click here to get your copy

Candle Safety Vlog

Candle Safety
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 In the actual 3 minute video, Sarah goes over exactly what tips and tricks to look out for regarding your own candle safety and how it will play out for yourself and the people you had in mind to either sell or gift your candles to.   It's a great video for anyone new to candles or if you already have some experience in making your own.  Please feel free to comment and leave a like if you do end up checking it out 😊. 

Have you questions about our "Candle Safety" that weren't answered here? Have a suggestion for our next video? Reach out and email me at :) 

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 Just Light it! - Candles Cartel supports all Canadians, Americans and all throughout the world striving for Mental Health, Mental Clarity and Stress Relief through our candles and communication.

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