What is Accu-Pure 84X Coconut Beeswax Blend?

...Coconut Beeswax Pulls Toxins From The Air...it pulls positive charged ions like dust particles and other small things we breathe in our home - out of the air, naturally making it a go-to choice for thousands of candle lovers across the world for thousands of years.     
Coconut Beeswax


Accu-Pure comes from Accu-Blend, a candle manufacturing company which sells to candle businesses exclusively. Their Accu-Pure 84X Coconut Beeswax Blend is a mix of both Coconut Wax and Beeswax which has multiple benefits to it that we will go through. 

What is Coconut Beeswax?

 This form of wax contains both coconut and Beeswax.  On the Beeswax side, there are some benefits we would like to go over to give you a better understanding:

Beeswax Benefits

  1. There Are Zero Chemicals Added To The To Create It. This is great to know because at this time, there's not a regulation to disclose ingredients used to make a candle.   
  2. Beeswax Pulls Toxins From The Air.  Think of being by the beach, the sun hitting you with fresh waves giving you that calm and relaxing feeling we all yearn for throughout the year.  How about being by a waterfall?  Or just after a rain storm?  That fresh feeling is caused by negatively charged ions (source).   Beeswax actually does the same thing, it pulls positive charged ions like dust particles and other small things we breathe in our home - out of the air, naturally making it a go-to choice for thousands of candle lovers across the world for thousands of years.   
  3. Longer Burn Times & Hive Protection: Since bees are utilized for the production, there are farms of hives that use these bees to produce commercial amounts of beeswax.  This brings more importance to the health and upkeep of the bee-community.  However, as a cause and effect, it's an animal-produced product, so it's not considered a vegan option.  That being said, please check out some interesting facts about paraffin wax here and see the difference between that and Coconut Beeswax.
Basically, Coconut Beeswax does contain Beeswax itself within its waxy makeup, and as such it gives structure to the candle you want to make and, as an added bonus, it pulls toxins from the air.  Not a bad, right? 
Accu-Pure 84X Coconut Beeswax Blend
Hint: Beeswax has its own scent and it goes great with the following:
Citrus, woodsy, minty, and camphorous scents in springtime. Spicy, citrus, and camphorous scents are perfect in winter, and in fall, choose spicy, lemon, and camphorous aromas (source).
Coconut Beeswax
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Coconut Wax Benefits

So far we've gone through some of the benefits of Coconut Beeswax on the Beeswax side, but what about the Coconut side of things? 
Outside of the blog we wrote regarding the Top 10 Benefits To Coconut Wax - in this blog we wanted to concentrate on how it would be enriched to benefit the person using it from this Beeswax mix!
 1. Burn Time:  A lot of Coconut Soy Wax mixes come with a bit of paraffin within it and the reason why has to do with structure.  The structure of the soy and coconut by itself may not hold up for those who want to make structured candles without a vessel or possibly want to make taper candles out of coconut soy wax, which is difficult but possible.  With Beeswax mixed in instead, you get that structure with a bit of an added bonus:
" [Beeswax]... it pulls positive charged ions like dust particles and other small things we breathe in our home - out of the air, naturally...
2. The Golden Halo Effect: Little is known about the world before lightbulbs, but back in the day, beeswax candles were commonly known to produce a glow almost emitting from the wax itself and possibly a positive side effect of burning a honey by-product.  In any way, it's very calming and great for room ambience and just another thing paraffin wax cannot do.  With its mix - the Coconut Beeswax Blend gives you something aroma-therapeutic in its subtlety. 
3. Natural Aroma of Honey
 Honey and health have been linked together for quite sometime (source).  It's known to have antimicrobial properties, meaning raw honey has been used for ages to fight infections. Do you remember growing up taking a teaspoon full of honey to rid us of a cough before the day began? 
From Loving Essential Oils website - they actually use a honey diffuser scent and list those same benefits here.  In candle form - you get lighting, ambience and these healing properties along with the benefits of Coconut Wax in a blended Coconut Beeswax form.
  In the end, the type of wax you choose comes down to what you need for your candle - or what you've envisioned you'd want your candle to burn like.  We are happy to just provide you with some information regarding Coconut Beeswax to help you in your journey. 
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