Top 10 Benefits Of Coconut Wax Candles

  At Candles Cartel we always ask did we do it the easy way or the right way.  We felt like Coconut Wax Candles...
Top 10 Benefits Of Coconut Wax Candles  - Blog Article


For an ageless amount of time Coconuts have been know as a "super fruit".   Not only are they amazing for our bodies but good for candles too! 

Let's get into the Top 10 Benefits of Coconut Wax!  

 The Clean Burn of Coconut Wax Candle

Does Coconut Wax Clean Burn Rate?

There are a few waxes commonly used right now to make candles.  Paraffin wax is really popular and so is soy wax.  They are commonly used because their easy to get.  Coconut wax isn't as easy to obtain and it burns a lot cleaner than Paraffin Wax or pure Soy Wax.  It's actually officially classified as a "clean-burning wax".

Scent Throw

Does Coconut Wax have a Good Scent Throw?

Another benefit to Coconut Wax is something called a "scent throw".  It basically means how far away you can smell a candle.  With Coconut Wax - you can smell the scent of the candle from a much farther distance than other waxes.  It also has a superior "cool scent throw".  Meaning when the candle ISN'T lit you can still smell the fragrance from the scent!

Sustainable Coconut Wax

Is Coconut Wax Sustainable?

So where do they come from?

Coconut wax itself comes from actual coconuts grown in what are called commercial farming areas.  The specific places are: 

  • Fiji
  • India
  • Samoa
  • Philippians
  • Indonesia 

Meaning coconuts as a commercial product support free trade which very generally can be good for our economy as a whole.

Non Toxic

Is Coconut Wax Non Toxic?

We create our candles with a Coconut Wax - Palm Wax blend because both are considered non toxic.   Coconut Wax is one of the healthiest types of wax you can have around.

What is a non toxic candle?

A non Toxic Candle is a candle that doesn't create harmful chemicals in the air when burnt.  Yes candles can be toxic. 

Paraffin Wax can create unwanted chemicals in the air as the South Carolina study stated.  We always warn our Cartel Community to be careful when purchasing candles from folks you may not know as well.  Find out what blend they have prior to purchasing.


Is Coconut Wax Eco-Friendly? 

 The coconuts are grow internationally by local farmers.  There hasn't been deforestation issues or pollution issues while they are grown!  Of course a lot of those sorts of issues are becoming more prevalent as time goes on but still considered to be pretty environmentally friendly on a larger scale. 

Ethically Grown

Is Coconut Wax Ethically Grown? 

 The production of coconut wax internationally has very little negative impact on the communities that grow them or the farmers themselves.  Unlike past historical horrors we don't have to worry about folks being hurt while making coconuts.  It helps to know for those of us who care about the environment.  It's also one of the key reasons we use coconut wax in our candles.  

Natural Product

Is Coconut Wax A Natural Product? 

 Coconut Wax is know to be a natural product because it grows from Mother Earth herself.  There are chemical blends of dyes companies use when selling Coconut Wax which would make it less pure.  When used in candles, typically a Coconut Wax candle would be nearly 100% Coconut Wax.    

Coconut Skin Products in Beauty

What is Coconut Wax used for?

 Typically, coconut wax is used on the skin in beauty products and candles.  It doesn't contain harmful chemicals and actually moisturizes and soothes the skin.  Prior to the beauty industry, it was used as a sort of lotion for years globally. 

 Bio Degradable

Is Coconut Wax Biodegradable?

Yes Coconut Wax is 100%  Biodegradable which is amazing. 


Wait what's biodegradable mean?

What that means is it's good for the environment because it breaks back down into water and basically soil rich food for our trees and environment to grow from.  Ultimately promoting healthier life on our planet as we grow more coconuts! 

 Coconut Wax

Is Coconut Wax better than Soy Wax?

Yes the reason why Coconut Wax is better than Soy Wax has a lot to do with sustainability!


Sustainability just means the products don't create harmful gasses when used by companies.  When big companies use non-sustainable goods, it means we as a global population won't do too well if they keep using it forever.  Sustainable products do the opposite of that.  They make it okay for us to use because they don't harm our bodies when big companies use them. 

Coconut Wax use doesn't create harmful emissions into our environment so we can keep using it!  You can sleep well knowing they aren't harming our planet but helping if anything.  

 Coconut Wax

 We use Coconut Wax Candles because of some of the listed benefits here.  At Candles Cartel we always ask did we do it the easy way or the right way.  We felt like Coconut Wax Candles are the right way to do make a lovely candle for your home!

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