The 40 Best Halloween Candles

If you wanna do Halloween correctly, there's a good chance you already have your costume picked out by April, and part of a group chat year round ready to celebrate this amazing night! Movie Re-Runs, Halloween Interior Maker-Overs, LCBO - Ready- Costumes and Halloween Party invites with Halloween Scented Candles as...
The 40 Best Halloween Candles  - Blog Article

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  If you wanna do Halloween correctly, there's a good chance you already have your costume picked out by April, and part of a group chat year round ready to celebrate this amazing night!   Movie Re-Runs, Halloween Interior Maker-Overs,  LCBO - Ready- Costumes and Halloween Party invites with Halloween Scented Candles as part of the theme.

Candles have a history of setting the mood in just the right way.  That's why its good to have that does basically two things; looks and smells like Spooky Halloween Night. 

Too bad there are sooo many common themed candles it's hard to get a good list during that crucial time.  It's a good thing our team loves a good candle hunt - keep reading to find out the perfect fit to your Spooky themed wit. 


1. The Body-ody-ody Bundle 

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What screams Halloween more than Body Candles?  With the unique design and fall scented themes - they can really be the Stand Out candles not just for the look but the spooky scented mood they can set.


2. Pink Friday Wax Melts & Pink Sugar Candle

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For the Trick-or-Treat lovers who just can't get enough out of their candy - Pink Sugar.  So sweet you can only use it as a candle, the Pink Sugar Candle and Pink Friday Wax Melts are that something delicious we look forward to during Halloween.


3. Late Night Snack Candle

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Let's face it, Halloween is about the snacking and for some of us Netflix lovers out there and Disney+ fans a good late night snack can really put us in the mood - for a relaxing night of binge watching our favorite shows - ehm - Criminal Minds.  Burning the Late Night Snack Candle can help boost your relaxing binge watching abilities.


4. Morning Cereal Candle

Morning Cereal Candle, Morning Cereal Candles, Candles, Fruit Loops, Fruit Loops Wax, Candles Cartel,

From Fruit Loops to Frosted Flakes - Morning Cereal Candle can put you right in the mood for something tasty after a night of having fun with friends.  Definitely a great way to cure a Halloween Hangover.   


5. Birthday Cake Candle

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Since we can't actually pick our birthdays - the Birthday Cake Candle is a thoughtful gift for your special Scorpio Somebody who just so happens to have the coolest birthday of the year. 


6. Pecan Pie Candle

Pecan Pie Candle, Pecan Candle, Pecan, Candles, Candle, Candles Cartel

Pecan Pie Scented Candles burning over freshly baked pumpkin - there is just something mouthwatering about that smell.  The soothing fragrance of Pecan Pie is always a way to set the mood - and just another way to get some of your friends to eat some Pumpkin Pie leftovers!


7. Pumpkin Spice Latte Candle

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Of course being Canadian we have to mention Pumpkin Spice Latte's I mean c'mon.  Year after year its the same thing around the Greater Toronto Area - from Tim Hortons to Starbucks it's our favorite drink to have during that time of year, why not just light a Pumpkin Spice Latte Candle to go with it - can you imagine the faces on everyone when they walk in and smell their favorite Fall drink? 


8. Sweater Weather Candle

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That time of year is a bit colder than it is in our summers and anyone older than the age of 3 knows this in Canada...all too well.  Why not light up a Bounce/Downy/Fleecy scented candle.  Like fresh clean clothes on laundry day the Sweater Weather Candle is something to really snuggle up to during a more romantic Halloween.


9 and 10 - Body Candles + Thickums Candles.

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The Thickums Body Candle is to promote Equality, Body Positivity and just smells good - the perfect gift for Halloween for everyone and anyone wanting set the mood that special day. 

Our Body Candle can also be ordered online individually instead of the bundle mentioned before and are shaped for this Halloween Holiday Season.


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