Mental Health Benefits of Candles

There are some things that need to be cleared up regarding mental health and candles. And that's this: They Are Outstanding For Your Mental Health. If you couldn't tell by the title - this is going to be a pro-candle blog, just saying
Mental Health Benefits of Candles  - Blog Article

Clarity for Mental Health


  There are some things that need to be cleared up regarding mental health and candles.  And that's this:  They Are Outstanding For Your Mental Health.  If you couldn't tell by the title - this is going to be a pro-candle blog, just saying.  The actual benefits are numerous.  


Let's start off with some basics. 



Check Out Candle Science's Blog Link Below!

  How Do Candles Even Burn?  

   Let's get slightly nerdy for a sec.  Hydrocarbon = Wax essentially.  Breaking it down when you light a candle the heat that comes from it melts the wax and turns it into water vapor and oxidized carbon or that orange - yellowish flickering light you see. 

   What you usually Don't see is that the base of that flame is actually a Indigo/Blue.  Long story short that heat it creates is a natural radiating light.  It can heat a room because the warm air pushes up and cool air from the bottom fills it in creating a Free Air Convection system!  That's what also makes it look like a permanent tear drop shape. 

Check out the actual scientific breakdown here from Candle Science: Click Here  



Mental effect 


How Do Candles Effect Us Mentally?

  Candles can dramatically help your focus.  Basically we are always using Beta Brainwaves during the time we're up.  Beta Waves are simply explained as "reactionary" state of mind.   Think of being at work, or trying to catch an Uber or just when your thinking about something on your mind.  When you are looking at a candle it has the natural ability to bring out Alpha Brainwaves.   

 Zen Mentality


With Alpha Waves your cooking with Fire 🔥!  You can receive a creativity boost plus a boost in relaxation while still being just as functional!  Can you imagine a time where things just kinda went your way plus the day was relaxing?  You were able to solve things in an unforced way?  That Zen state of mind can be achieved normally through the gaze of a candle's light. 

These Alpha-waves naturally transform into Theta-waves which are associated with literal meditation.   The magic is you do nothing as this happens.  All just the natural process of the candle.  

My advice?  Don't take my advice - take her advice, Dr. Annie - Ophthalmologist & Health Professional + Famous Celebrity as side gig.  Check out her Candle Gazing Blog here


Scent Theory


What About The Scent? 

  Whether its citrus releasing scents fooling the brain into releasing more glucose to raise your energy or lavender scented candles promoting healthier sleep, combining what you now know is powerful along with the scent.   Imagine a peppermint scented candle gazing activity for a few minutes when your sick and at home?  Or the memory boost you'd get from burning a cinnamon scented candle along with what you now know? 

Check out NCBI - National Center for Biotechnology Information's article on their discover's of citrus for antidepressant treatment here

Let's face it.  Candles can make you a super hero mentally, all you gotta do is Just Light It! 


Support us in our fight against anxiety and mental depression we all go through by ordering a candle today.





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