Birthday Cake Candle Benefits

 Within the candle industry, there have been some significant changes.   There are more scents now than ever before... 
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Birthday Cake Candle? 

 Within the candle industry, there have been some significant changes.   There are more scents now than ever before.  There are also "carved" or "custom shaped" candles in the form of a body, plants and all sorts of things you can get from small businesses like ours or Etsy.  Outside of this there are candles made so unique, you may just have seen something like that.  We present our birthday cake candle as one of those unique candles we were just discussing. 

How Are They Made? 

 That question comes up a lot when we get to talk about our birthday cake candle.  For that reason, we created a video for you to check out.
Check out our YouTube video on this: 
 But just to go over some of the basics:  4 oz or 16 oz Glass Jar, Modge Podge, plastic gloves, patience, sprinkles, wax, and the scent all combine to create the birthday cake candle.
Birthday Cake Candle

 What Does It Smell Like & How Does It Help Me?

  Dating back to 1500 years ago, during the Totonac civilization, from 800 CE to 1100 CE we have the discovery of vanilla.  From that time till now, the scent of vanilla has been cultivated by our global society.  We chose this as the scent for the candle for a few beneficial reasons: 
There are other benefits that would be solely used topically with creams and oils but not through inhalation. 
At face value, the scent of a birthday cake candle is also reminiscent of an actual birthday cake! 
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