3 Benefits of Local Candles

 What does a good candle deal smell like to you?  Christmas trees and candy canes during the holiday season?  Pecan Pie and Chocolate during the fall?  How do you get to know a shop?  What makes you remember their brand when your looking for a good candle?
3 Benefits of Local Candles  - Blog Article

Missy Elliot Shoutout to Candles Cartel

 What does a good candle deal smell like to you?  Christmas trees and candy canes during the holiday season?  Pecan Pie and Chocolate during the fall?  How do you get to know a shop?  What makes you remember their brand when your looking for a good candle?  


Missy Elliot Shout Out to Candles Cartel


Who do you know - shop wise - who always has candle deals and are local?  How much are these candles and key note here; Do They Have The Scent You Want?  

 As we expand here in the city, the identity of that local candle shop doesn't stay consistent.  Too much expansion, everyone's stressed working - not thinking about their own mental health.  Using mantras like "Get Through It" to numb the pain of a Monday - To - Friday Marathon.  So what gives?  What are some benefits to knowing a local candle shop?

 Speed of Delivery


  Speed of Delivery

Lets face it - we are addicted to the speed of our deliveries nowadays.  For anyone who remembers what life was like circa early 2000s or even before that (the dark ages) you would have to wait eons to get a response let alone your delivery.   It was a different time. 

Now things are so fast it would make you dizzy trying to keep up.  The local shop aspect is cool because you can pull up on us whenever you feel like it.  Or even get it shipped for free if its over $20 Canadian so its a win-win for your timing. 

 We ship with Canada Post and UPS so from order placed to at your door is fast.  Your tracking information is sent you automatically upon placing the order.  Most local shipments take 0-2 business days including Saturdays.  

 Safi's testimonial


 Okay so you got the package fast but do you like it?  Is it what you expected and does it do it serve you well?  The quality of what you get also depends on the source of where you originally got it.   With candles its the same thing.  Sink hole filled Paraffin Wax candles from <insert your box store here> for $10 is a bad deal.  They weren't thinking of you when they placed it on the shelf, its called overstock and had to get rid of it.   

Our candles are Different.  We go out of our way to get the best coconut wax candles that create a smokeless effect when burnt.  I Mean Smokeless.  Which is really good for the home and overall environment.  Plus they smell delicious. 

No seriously, I almost ate a wax melt Sarah made the other day.  Look I'll spill the beans on that in another blog lets stay focused here. 

The candles we make here come from our root passion on why we started this candle shop 3 years ago now in the first place.  It was to help ease the minds of our community with aromatherapy. 

We only have one instruction on all our candles - Just Light It. 

 Team Candles Cartel


 Lets face it, just because the product is good and your delivery is quick - the staff themselves could've been a hand full or even worse, cold and remote.   We have a YouTube channel - Instagram and go to events to actually engage our audience as real people and not some gimmick or static ad.  We want to give folks a chance to actually meet us in real life - not just online - so they can pull up and ask us questions.  Or just quickly stare before they walk away - just so long as their quickly walking away seeing us! 

 Sarah Z is the light to our Candles Cartel and that's because she unfortunately had to suffer the loss of family during 2020.  It was this tragedy that brought out the warmth of Candles Cartel to expel modern discomforts like anxiety, lack of sleep and just unpleasant vibes leading to depression with the help of aromatherapy.  Her along with I are extremely personable and vow to continue to grow Candles Cartel with those same practical pillars for the sake of our community and the people suffering in it.  


Have questions about your local candle shop that weren't answered here?  Reach out and email me at akeem@candlescartel.com :) 


Check out Our New YouTube Channel Here!! We release shorts right now and will be coming out with a podcast soon. It's definitely a vibe.


 Just Light it! - Candles Cartel supports all Canadians and Americans striving for Mental Health, Mental Clarity and Stress Relief through our candles and communication.

  Our Location, Mississauga Ontario, Toronto Ontario


🙏🏿 TY for reading 

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