Candles Cartel Update 2022

Candles Cartel Update 2022  - Blog Article

Candles Cartel was born after the launch on Juneteenth during 2020.  We wanted scented candles to help improve the moods of all our community through what was and still is a stressful period in our history.  In Hamilton we got a chance for St. Joseph's Hospital to experience our aromatherapy candles and got back really great reviews as to what we were creating and helping folks with from our local community. 


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Mood improving candles as an idea are fairly new and aromatherapy candles fall into that same basket.  When our scented candles really started growing more popularity from some of our Toronto Candles Cartel community we saw an opportunity to grow!  Mississauga Ontario was the next step.  


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We got to Mississauga on October 1st of 2021 and have loved every minute of it.  We are not too far from Square One and are located on Paisley Boulevard East.  The new local community in Mississauga are all about the hustle and bustle seeing how for anyone familiar with the Greater Toronto Area its generally faster paced than most other places and we are grateful!  Our scented candles coming out for this fall are amazing.  Our new focus is specifically the mental clarity candles can give you, that mood improving and mind clearing status we all strive for on a daily basis.  Sometimes we just need some help.  Look out for more blogs from us at Candles Cartel coming out soon as we continue to fulfill our current scented candle orders and grow our community. 


Feel free to reach out to me directly at or follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and we will soon be coming out on TikTok and Youtube! 



Check out some of our handcrafted coconut wax body candles that Team Candles Cartel has come up with here


 Just Light it! - Candles Cartel supports all Canadians and Americans striving for Mental Health, Mental Clarity and Stress Relief through our local candle shop and communication.


  Our Location, Mississauga Ontario, Toronto Ontario



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