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At Candles Cartel we're a lot like you and want to be rewarded when we spend our hard earned money on anything. That's why your nearby candle shop just got a new rewards system to go with some of the goodies we have in store for our Candles Cartel community. Our Rewards System In One Sentence: It's designed to grow wit
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At Candles Cartel we're a lot like you and want to be rewarded when we spend our hard earned money on anything.  That's why your nearby candle shop just got a new rewards system to go with some of the goodies we have in store for our Candles Cartel community.


Our Rewards System In One Sentence: 

It's designed to grow with our community and reward them for building our brand.


 If you think about it, getting something for something always seems like a fair trade - especially when your buying candles online.


How Do I Get Started? 

Just go on or the home page and click that red icon on the bottom right of your screen. 

Candles Cartel Reward System Update

It will then prompt you to sign in as shown on the #2 on the picture above. 

It's your choice to either log in with Google, Amazon or Facebook or just use your favorite email and create a password.


What's In It For Me?? 

New 50 point rewards with the new Candles Cartels Rewards System


We give you 100 Cartel Points just for signing up not to mention easy and stack-able 50 Cartel Points rewards to tally another 200 Cartel Points on top of the 100 Cartel Points for signing up to give you 300 Cartel Points right off the bat plus other goodies seen below:


Easy Extra Bonuses to Get with Candles Cartel Rewards System


  Immediately you're rewarded and have the potential of earning a point balance before you even think about getting a candle.  This was designed to support anyone searching for "candle shop near me" or "online candle shop" in our online neighborhood - to give them a chance to at earn a start up balance for free!


What Can I Earn?

You can spend your Cartel Points a few ways: 

1. 5% OFF! - 500 Cartel Points (requires a minimum $10 cart value)

2. 10% OFF - 1000 Cartel Points (requires a minimum $20 cart value)

3. Free Wax Melt! - 1000 Cartel Points (requires a minimum $65 cart value)

4. 15% OFF - 1500 Cartel Points (requires a minimum $30 cart value)


Don't worry we will help you get there with our VIP Tier System we created for our more driven scented candle loves in our Candles Cartel Community!


It's a three level system which are Bronze, Silver and Gold!


Can You Explain The 3 Levels Please?

Let's start with the first one - Bronze


Bronze Level Explained


The Bronze Level is designed for new people in the community who want to get scented candles and want a good multiplier for more Cartel Points.  The logo is a wax melt for The Bronze Level .  

The Bronze Level is automatically reached once you hit a 2000 Cartel Points balance.  It allows you to get a multiplier of 1.5 for every point earned from there on just for being at that level! 

You Also Get 1000 Cartel Points When You Reach The Bronze Level!

Making it that much easier to get those discount rewards for more online ordering power. 


Okay the second one - Silver

 The Silver Level Explained


The Silver Level is reached automatically once you reach a 6000 Cartel Points balance.  Everything you earn after that is multiplied by 2 so you get double the points for what your already doing!

You Also Get 2000 Cartel Points When You Reach The Silver Level!

The Silver Level Logo is a Candle and is designed for candle lovers who are ready to be bigger than The Bronze Level.  Makes it super easy to get discounts for items when your points are doubled. 


This is next one is only for the realest VIPs - Gold

The Gold Level Explained


The Gold Level is represented by our Body Candles - the strength and pride of Candles Cartel's VIP Class.  Your in this class for one reason: You Live Candles.  This is only reserved for people in our lovely community who are in love with discounts, great scented candles and just love being a part of the Candles Cartel community!

Your Reward is x3 the price and we will always sweeten the order for all of our Gold Level community members as you have helped us is such a huge way!  Thank you once again to all of you! 

You Also Get 8000 Cartel Points When You Reach The Gold Level!

You get automatically put into the Gold Level at 20K Cartel Points. 


Have questions about the tiers that weren't answered here?  Reach out and email me at :) 


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 Just Light it! - Candles Cartel supports all Canadians and Americans striving for Mental Health, Mental Clarity and Stress Relief through our candles and communication.


  Our Location, Mississauga Ontario, Toronto Ontario


🙏🏿 TY for reading 

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