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.... they're safe to re-use for a planter or maybe just a pen holder.  Its your world we're just making candles in it...
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 Coffee and Milk

 Not everyone thinks of their candle jars.  Let's face it - its not something you regularly would consider.  Leave it to us here at Candles Cartel to fill you in on the gaps with these.  

 For the past couple of months, folks looking for candles have ordered our concrete candle sizes (8 oz and 10 oz respectively).  This has to do with their exclusivity - and the cool fact that we make them!  

 That personalize touch is missing in retail right now, online or not.  Between Facebook Re-targeting and just plain commercials, we've been bombarded with look-a-like items for years now.  Our Custom Candle Jars approach a little differently.  

Somebody's Son 10 oz Custom Concrete Vessel



 The jars themselves are made out of concrete.  That means once the wax is finished you can scoop it out, clean it and use it again.  All of our jars are made with biodegradable sealant to give them a good finish, plus make them usable for a candle jar.  

 In simple words, just means they're safe to re-use for a planter or maybe just a pen holder.  Its your world we're just making candles in it. 


Peppermint 8 oz Custom Concrete Vessel



 Each one of the candles have a unique pattern of colors and swirls embedded into the concrete jar themselves.  The reason for this is the art appeal.  Lets face it, a lovely scented candle complete with a wonderful design is just good ambiance to have.  No mater what type of day your having.  

Especially if your able to eat dinner with loved ones around a scented candle.  It's picturesque and may give a traditional family feel to the home. 


These custom jars are exclusive to our 8 oz and 10 oz sizes just based off how much wax they can hold.  Try one yourself, make sure when you get the candle you Just Light it. 


Coffee and Milk Best Seller 10 oz Custom Concrete Vessel Outgoing With Box


Have questions about our custom concrete vessels/jars that weren't answered here?  Reach out and email me at :) 


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 Just Light it! - Candles Cartel supports all Canadians and Americans striving for Mental Health, Mental Clarity and Stress Relief through our candles and communication.


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