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What started off as dipping rolled papyrus into melted animal fat to create...a wicked candle turned into multiple options, including body candles online. 
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Body Candles Near Me

 Body candles themselves are hard to find if you were to go from store to store.  Finding body candles online is a bit easier, where you get a chance to browse the creativity of some of the stores out there.   However are they local to your area?  How long will shipping take?  The questions continue, so you leave the site and exit the search, right?  I wouldn't blame you if you did.  Most of us are forced to get body candles online from someone outside of our local area or at least a place with reliable shipping.  
 Body candles embody every detail that would be considered categorically "unique" in a candle.  We as a company are luckily empowered by a creative candle maker, Sarah Z who helps us offer body candles online.  Standing about 3 inches tall and extremely light, the body candles self-extinguish as well.  The wax that melts is easily removable as  well and it comes in different colors and scents. 
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Body Candles Online & Purpose

 In our blog Body Candles Near Me;...(check out the blog below)
 ...We go over the differences between what we are used to and what is modernly available for body candles online shoppers.  These are folks like myself who look for centerpieces to add to their candle collection.  That being said, we are working on getting the word out there more about them and how they can help boost body positivity for everyone.  It may not be for everyone, and that's totally understandable.  It may even ring off as a little new age, but we are comfortable with that as a company.    
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  Body candles themselves represent our growing selection of candles available as well.  What started off as dipping rolled papyrus into melted animal fat to create...a wicked candle  turned into multiple options, including body candles online.  To find out more about the history of candles, check out our blog below.
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How You Feel About Modern Variety?

Outside of some of the creative store owners that bless Etsy and other online retailers that may have some Body Shaped Candles, there isn't a lot of variety.  
 So you have spoken!  In your searches for us or if it came about from browsing our site, we have definitely understood your curiosity.  So why not give it a shot for your next body candle online order?  Remember, for 500 cartel points, you get your own for free included in your next order. 
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