Candle Scents and Cymatic Healing Frequencies

Candle scents...give off a frequency that could potentially play a positive factor in how we function. We dip from 62-68 MHz to 58 Mhz by the evening...  

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 When it comes to picking up your favorite candle, one thing you should always note is the way the candle was made.  Organic wax can help candle scents really come out in their full effect.  The source of that scent must also be considered, because there is a subtle effect to candles that not a lot of people actually know about. 

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Candle Scents Frequencies

When you read a typical candle blog about "rose scented candles" you'll usually find very descriptive words to paint the imagery of what the scent smells like.  I've definitely wrtiten in that context before.  However what's not discussed is that candles scents like Rose Oil actually contain 320 MHz of frequency within it. 

What's MHz vs Hz and Why Does It Matter?

The easiest way to explain is by showing a vsual of what sound looks like: 

Scale of Sound
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In "Sound To Visual Shape Imagery" aka cymatics, the higher the frequency the more complicated the design. Keep in mind Rose Scented Candles has 320 MHz of frequency. 

1 MHz = 1,000,000 Hz.

 Let's take a look at another simple example of sound frequencies and healing. 

Chakra Healing Scale
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So if all that is the visual for those frequencies, what would candles scents like, Rose, Brighter Days or Sandalwood look like? 

candle scents
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This is 118 MHz if it could be represented visually, which isn't possible as our ears do not process that high of a frequency to visually demonstrate. 

320 MHz
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This would be an example of 320 MHz aka Rose Candle

Roses Candle

How Do Candle Scents Physically Effect You?

 " The average electric frequency levels of healthy human bodies range from 62 Mhz to 68 Mhz....Essential oils have been found to have the highest vibrational frequencies than any other substances that exist in nature...."

This is why we go out of our way at Candles Cartel to bring you the most exclusive candle scents worldwide.  More from Natural Niche:

Rose essential oil has the highest vibrational frequency which is 320 Mhz.
The use of essential oils can positively impact the body’s frequency levels in many different ways. It is supposed that essential oils that have higher frequency levels can raise your vibration. Purported frequencies of some essential oils are as follows:
  • Rose essential oil – 320 Mhz
  • Frankincense essential oil – 147 Mhz
  • Lavender essential oil – 118 Mhz
  • Sandalwood essential oil – 98 Mhz

Evening Candle Burns & Positive Health 

By the evening time this "healthy vibe" we are on throughout the day slowly turns down (from 62-68 MHz down to 58 MHz which may negatively effect our immune systems).  The right candle scents at that time could help elevate our bodies to a more healthy vibration without us doing much to force the issue.  Simply having a candle burn may help in sustaining a positive mind and body as we unwind from a long day.

Here is a link to who also has a scale of whats safe for us when it comes to frequencies.  That being said there is not concrete evidence to support that people are being healed by just scents and oils alone!   I definitely want to be clear about that however there is overwhelming circumstanial facts about these essential oils and the related candle scents, that could lead eventually to that imperical evidence we can use as a society.

The simple way of putting it all is that the scent that you choose has a subtle effect on how it helps calm the mood and the surroundings.  This effect can actually be measured on an electromagnetic scale.  In even simpler terms candle scents give you healing frequencies and candle light can also help in that way. 

Check out more about candle light here

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