Patchouli Candles: Revealing The Healing Power

patchouli candles have been used to treat "pounding headaches", "dizzyness"and even "panic attacks" by burning the wax and...

Patchouli Candles
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  Patchouli candles scent isn't simply about having a wonderful aroma to fill your nostrils as well as the home, did you know that patchouli is used traditionally for fighting bugs like mosquitos, fighting the common cold, headaches and other ailments and issues we go through in our day to day lives? 

Fights The Common Cold? 

Yes you heard that right.  In ancient Chinese medicinal practices Patchouli has been used to help folks recover. Let me stop and give Asian culture their flowers while they can still smell em'. Legendary healing techniques have come from China over the past centuries prior to our global involvement in pharmacuetical techniques over the past 200 plus years.  They're techniques are so well known they go by "TCM" for Traditional Chinese Medicine if you ever research this. 

Please do not take my word for it, lets take a look at what Webmd has to say about it; 

" The aerial part of Pogostemon cablin <aka patchouli oil> has wildly been used for the treatment of the common cold and as an antifungal agent in China [16,17]. Moreover, the plant is widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as it presents various types of pharmacological activity according to the composition of the oil...  " 

 Now with that being said can you see how patchouli candles can play a pivotal role in subtly balancing your well being?  

Patchouli Candles
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Patchouli Candles, Relaxation vs Headaches

Did you know traditionally, patchouli oil has been used to treat "pounding headaches", "dizzyness"and even "panic attacks" by topically applying the oil on the parts of the body that are suffering? This is usually around the head if thats where your experiencing the most anxiety or discomfort. 

Let's take a look at some science behind the theory; 

" PC <patchouli> is used by traditional physicians in treating not only the common cold, nausea and diarrhea but also headaches and fever [10]. The volatile oil of PC has been widely used in cosmetics and oral hygiene products, such as scent perfumes and flavor toothpaste.  " [src]

Now that's the headache part however what about this "relaxation" that was mentioned above?  Let's take a look at what "Fresh Skin" has to say about patchouli candles, a very prominent shop in the UK that deals with this day in and day out: 

" It is a natural sedative, making it useful for those who struggle with insomnia or other sleep-related problems. When applied topically or diffused into the air, patchouli essential oil can help reduce muscle tension and promote overall relaxation." [src]
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There is even a promotion of other wellness properties within patchouli like it acting as an natural aphrodisiac or even fighting influenza like H2N2 (source here).  That being said the actual proven scientific model hasn't been completed yet for us to know for sure.  It's just been used for these issues and more by our society for thousands of years prior to it getting that seal of scientific approval if you will. 

What Does Patchouli Smell Like?

As a member of the mint family, patchouli candles give off rich scent bouquet of wood and amber.  The multiple notes it touches has allowed patchouli candles to become popular amongst all members of our society when it comes to their beautiful fragrance. 

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