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Candle Wax, Candle Supplies & Candles Cartel

Candle Wax in Canada 2023 

 As for now, candle wax as a whole isn't found with as much variety as you may think.  Most of the candle wax folks use is paraffin-based wax which is amazing for structure but lacks the organic/sustainability component to be a reliable option for all to enjoy for the rest of our candle-loving lives.  
 With the issue of variety, which we will be covering next, comes the issue of availability.  Without the variety, availability of some products like IGI 4786 (commonly used paraffin) becomes harder to get to as well as scheduled delivery times versus when you need your order complete. 

Candle Supplies Variety Online Right Now 

There are organic waxes available right now but most are made of soy.  Soy wax is biodegradable but its methods of cultivation have been incorporated into businesses trying harder to save a dollar than they are trying to save the environment.  An example of this can be found below: 
There are also palm wax and tertiary alternatives to soy and paraffin available, but far and few between. 
Coconut - soy is another option which is seemingly better for the environment, plus the chandler overtime. However, but nothing is ever perfect. 
Check out our blog here about different sustainable waxes: 
There is also Coconut Apricot wax, which is an alternative not commonly discussed but marries both a soft texture and a cool/hot scent throw as a great way to protect the environment.  It's not necessarily the toughest wax versus the likes of hurricane candles or palm wax, it even but introduces you to another alternative that is available and we carry. 
Another alternative to this is coconut beeswax.  The structure of the beeswax mixed with the coconut wax gives you that all-organic heart-warming feeling but creates some amazing structured candles, be it pillars or just a scented candle in a vessel of your choosing. 
C55 Coconut Tart Wax

Why We Started Offering Candle Wax

 With the lack of variety and the state of candle wax in our home country, we intend for people to have more choice while getting the most "bang for their buck".   
Accu-Pure 84X Coconut Beeswax Blend

What Types Of Fragrances We Have 

 This list will be the quickest to grow, but as for right now, we are limited in how many fragrances we have.  We carry a few you can browse and look at if you search for "fragrances" on our site or check the collection here
Candle Wax and Fragrance Reference Guide
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What are your eBooks about? 

  We provide a few eBooks discussing what chandlers need to get started with their own interests in candle wax and what to look out for when making a candle or dealing with candles in general.  They are great reference guides to help build confidence in your attempts. 
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