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"Where To Buy Woodwick Candles" keeps dominating online, why? What makes these thin-carved wicks so special? How do you find them in our modern time?  

where to buy wooden wicks

It can be difficult as to where to find the right candles especially online. Woodwick candles are a delicacy for a lot of candle lovers and folks outside of that.  Outside of wooden wicks having a rich history of their own in the candle world, they add a crackling effect that just heightens the cozy atomesphere while burning it.  That being said, the search term "where to buy woodwick candles" does come up from time to time.

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The History Of Crackling Wooden Wick Candles

Surpisingly, the history of wooden wicks (or "where to buy woodwick candles") is a lot more modern than you may think.  They have an undocumented popularity from before 2001 however because of companies like WoodWick who is part of the Yankee Candle brand, wood wicks have picked up in recent trends.  Since then till now there has been an established  conventional notion that natural wax and wooden wicks may not make a great fit. 

This comes about from the variety of wooden wicks available and the given thickness of each while taking into account the fact that soy wax, coconut wax or apricot wax will burn slower in comparison to parrafin wax which has a different consistency.  That being said during 2001 most companies exclusively used parrafin wax and cotton wicks as I remember back then pure soy wax candles were a rarity to find in a candle shop.

Slowly but surely this thinking is starting to change as more candle companies are catching on to what the differences are between wooden wicks and rest, leading to more searches of "where to buy woodwick candles" on different devices throughout the world.  

Wooden Wicks vs Cotton Wicks

So what is the big difference between these wicks? And how does it help you solve: "where to buy woodwick candles"?  To keep it simple one contains a type of softwood, which burns evenly and easily.  The other is made of a treated cotton which also burns in the same conditions. The story of "where to buy woodwick candles" continues as cotton wicks are easily more readily available and popular when most people are thinking of candles. 

Wooden wicks offer a "campfire" sound to complement your candle experience. Let's take a look at what "Spoken Flames" has to say about it

" Much like a campfire, when the natural cellulose in the wooden wicks meet the candle fame's heat, the moisture inside the wood turns into steam, which then expands rapidly, causing the wood to crack and pop...Hello, science!" 

Wood wick candles are put through a process which rids the excess moisture.  Most of it is gone by this point which ensures a complete burn however some of the original water is trapped inside tiny pockets of the wood or "microscopic bubbles".  When these are heated up they make that popping sound that everyone loves.  Cotton wicks do no such thing which gets people searching where to buy woodwick candles. 

The Benefits of Wooden Wicks

Finding out where to buy woodwick candles can lead to so many varieties and benefits most people do not know about for example, the sustainability. Let's take a look at what candlelore  has to say about it;

"Wood Wicks: Many wood wicks are made from trees grown in sustainable forests and are 100% natural. They also burn hotter than cotton wicks, meaning you get more scent throw out of your candle."

Wooden wicks are also safe to burn.  Check out more about candle safety here

That being said, trimming your wick before you burn the candle is definitely something to keep in mind.  For wooden wicks you are going to want to trim it down to a 1/4" or 6 mm above the wax.  This ensures a clean burn.  Without trimming the wick the actual flame may get to burn too high which may lead to a negative experience with any candle.

Candle Wick Trimmers

Let's talk about a few more benefits to wooden wicks as well.  From "Sable Candle Co": 

"...wider fragrance throw: In a burn test between a wooden wick vs cotton wick candle, results showed that the wooden wicks diffuse heat more rapidly into the wax, and can push up to 35% more fragrance throw into a room, compared to cotton wicks. so what does this mean…? it means your candle is working better, stronger, and faster at spreading it’s fragrance!"

There is also the fact that the wood wicks a toxin free as well and 100% natural. 

Are you familiar with the types of wood used to make wooden wicks?  Scents and Aroma lets us know four different ones: 

  • Single-ply wicks
  • Spiral wicks
  • Whisper wicks
  • Booster wicks

To find out more about what wood is used for wooden wicks, check out their blog here.

Where To Buy WoodWick Candles?

The quest for "where to buy woodwick candles" ends here. There are plenty of places you can find online that can ship you out a wooden wick.  Since you are here already click the button below: 

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