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Accu-Pure 84X Coconut Beeswax Blend - Candles Cartel

Accu-Pure 84X Coconut Beeswax Blend

From $139.99 CAD
Experience the sophistication of Accu-Pure 84X Coconut Beeswax Blend, a luxurious blend of nature's finest ingredients that lend an elegant texture while helping to preserve the integrity of your crafting...
Basil and Lime Candle For Fresher Thinking

Basil and Lime Candle For Fresher Thinking

$29.99 CAD$14.99 CAD
Experience a calming and refreshing ambiance with our Basil and Lime Candle! Enjoy soothing aromas of sweet basil and zesty lime in your home with this 💚 wax candle 🕯️...
Birthday Cake Candle - Candles Cartel

Birthday Cake Candle

$29.99 CADFrom $12.99 CAD
 Celebrate with a 🎂🕯️! Our Birthday Cake Candle offers the irresistible aroma of Vanilla Buttercream and creamy, fluffy vanilla cake – perfect for any special occasion. Light the way to...
Black Body Candle - Candles Cartel

Body Candle

$29.99 CAD$9.99 CAD
Body Candle is a candle product that you can burn or melt at home. Simply unpackage the item carefully and place it on a counter top, hard and or hard...
BODY-ODY-ODY Bundle - Candles Cartel

Body Candle Bundle

$116.99 CAD$29.99 CAD
Body Candle Bundle includes 4 body candles one of each color. You can melt this candle by simply unpackage the item carefully and place it on a counter top, hard and...
Brighter Days Candle

Brighter Days Candle

$19.99 CADFrom $9.99 CAD
Brighten up any room with the Brighter Days Candle! This luxurious candle is made from 🍋 blossoms to create a unique and pleasant scent. The natural fragrance of the candle...
Brown Sugar Candle

Brown Sugar Candle

$19.99 CADFrom $9.99 CAD
Light up your favorite space with the Brown Sugar 🕯️! This candle emits a warm, sweet scent, perfect for cozy spaces. Made with real brown sugar, it'll bring a naturally...
Buttery Pancakes Candle

Buttery Pancakes Candle

$19.99 CADFrom $9.99 CAD
Experience the 🥞 goodness of freshly-made pancakes with our Buttery Pancakes Candle—an alluring scent to 🔥 up any room. Immerse yourself in the warm, buttery aroma for a cozy feeling...
C55 Coconut Tart Wax - Candles Cartel

C55 Coconut Tart Wax

From $109.99 CAD
Indulge in the tropical C55 Coconut Tart Wax! Enjoy a pleasant, soothing, spa-like experience right at home. Our wax is specifically designed for wax melts. Try it today! 😍🌴🐚 Melting...
Candle Vessel Lids - Candles Cartel

Candle Vessel Lids

From $0.99 CAD
These stylish candle vessel lids will make your candle vessels look great, while also helping to preserve their aroma. Keep your candle vessels looking and smelling their best with these...
Candle Vessels - Candles Cartel

Candle Vessels

$15.99 CADFrom $4.99 CAD
Looking For Jars For Your Own Candle Creations?  Try These Handy Concrete Jars For You To Use And Create Masterpieces. 3 1/8 x 2"Candle Jar Sizes: 8 oz  3 1 /8 x 2" Vessel...
Candle Wax Pouring Pot - Candles Cartel

Candle Wax Pouring Pot

$55.99 CAD$34.99 CAD
Create your own stunning candles like a pro with the Candle Wax Pouring Pot! This wax melting pot is the perfect addition to your candle making supplies, enabling you to...