Japanese Cherry Blossom Candle Japanese Cherry Blossom Candle
Candles Cartel
Japanese Cherry Blossom Candle from $11.99
Set an exotic, calming mood with a 🌸Japanese Cherry Blossom Candle🌸. Its delectable, floral aroma will transport you to Japan, where ancient cherry blossoms bring peace and serenity. Light it and experience the beauty! 🕯 Scent: Japanese Cherry Blossom   Check Out Our Candle Safety Tips Here
Brighter Days Candle - Candles Cartel Brighter Days Candle - Candles Cartel
Candles Cartel
Brighter Days Candle from $11.99
Brighten up any room with the Brighter Days Candle! This luxurious candle is made from 🍋 blossoms to create a unique and pleasant scent. The natural fragrance of the candle will fill your home with an inviting and calming ambiance. 🔥🕯️ Scent: Lemon Blossom + Orange Check Out Our Candle Safety Tips Here
Lavender Candle - Candles Cartel Lavender Candle - Candles Cartel
Candles Cartel
Lavender Candle from $7.99
Light this Lavender 🕯️ to bring a soothing, calming scent to your space. 🤗 Enjoy up to 70 hours of burn time, perfect for meditation or relaxation. 🧘‍♀️ Relax and enjoy the ❤️ healing aroma of the Lavender 🕯️. Scent: Fresh Lavender Check Out Our Candle Safety Tips Here  
Black Body Candle - Candles Cartel White Body Candle - Candles Cartel
Candles Cartel
Body Candle $7.99
Body Candle is a candle product that you can burn or melt at home. Simply unpackage the item carefully and place it on a counter top, hard and or hard surface area. The Body Candle can also be melted instead of burnt. Material: Soy Wax and Paraffin WaxScent: Baby PowderTrim Your WickKeep your wick at 1/4". When it starts to get off center, gently re-guide it to the middle (after you blow out the candle, of course).Burn SmartWe recommend letting a new candle burn for 3-4 hours, or until the pooling wax reaches the edge of the vessel. This prevents tunneling.After that, burn for no more than 5-6 hours at a time to preserve fragrance.Stay Fire SafePlace your candles on non-flammable, heat resistant surfaces and never leave a burning candle unattended. Also be aware that placing a hot candle on a cool surface like marble or glass may cause the vessel to crack.Please Stop When You Reach 1/4" Of WaxWhen you're down to that last bit of wax, it's time to say goodbye. Burning your candle anymore could result in fire, broken vessels, and a very bad time.
one million cologne candle Somebody’s Son (The Remix) Candle - Candles Cartel
Candles Cartel
Somebody’s Son Candle from $11.99
Somebody’s Son 'The Remix'  is a mix of eucalyptus and lavender with a velvet mix of rose absolute, musk, white wood and blond leather - Inspired by One Million Cologne.  Scent: Eucalyptus, Lavender and fragrance inspired by Paco Rabanne's One Million Cologne.  Check Out Our Candle Safety Tips Here
$14.50 sale
basil and lime candle Basil and Lime Candle For Fresher Thinking
Candles Cartel
Basil and Lime Candle For Fresher Thinking $15.49 $29.99
Experience a calming and refreshing ambiance with our Basil and Lime Candle! Enjoy soothing aromas of sweet basil and zesty lime in your home with this 💚 wax candle 🕯️ that will bring a touch of sophistication to your décor.

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