Candles Cartel Meets The Audio Trapper In WaterFront.Studio

Candles Cartel Meets The Audio Trapper In WaterFront.Studio

Candles Cartel Connects With Toronto's Talent

 So far this year we have had the pleasure of doing some big things, outside of our new scent test, redesigning the site overnight 🎵, Team Candles Cartel had the chance to connect with @audiotrapper & to create some of the wonderful visual updates you get a chance to see now: 

Candles Cartel
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 Wait lets take a step back for a second if you dont mind.  How did we get in touch with a professional studio like and whose @audiotrapper?   He's a talented producer whose created music for folks like Tory Lanez, MYYNNZLESLIEMUSIC and plenty of others (too many to name) who personally know's the owner of Waterfront Studio. 

I've known about the @audiotrapper since highschool and have the honor of calling him my friend.  We were able to connect at Waterfront Studio which ultimately created these photos:

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 As well as the new design for the website, we wanted to push something out that matched the quality of what we were able to create visually to enhance your experience.

What's The Next Surprise? 

  There is definitely more coming down the pipleline, including a new rewards system, new scents rolling out for the fall season, more YouTube videos including podcasts plus keep a special eye out for @realtorontonewz - more on that coming up on another blog, that's all I can say for right now!

 There are so many good things happening at the moment we've decided not to lose focus of the main goal which is to bring you mental ease through our candles and communication.  How we at Candles Cartel are doing that  is constantly improving and changing to bring you the best quality at all times.

Jamaican Me Crazy

Have you questions about our "Upcoming Podcasts and Surpises" that weren't answered here? Have a suggestion for our next video? Reach out and email me at :) 


Check out Our New YouTube Channel Here!! We are releasing shorts right now and will be coming out with a podcast soon. It's definitely a vibe.

 Just Light it! - Candles Cartel supports all Canadians, Americans and all throughout the world striving for Mental Health, Mental Clarity and Stress Relief through our candles and communication.

🙏🏿 TY for reading 


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